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I need help. I'm 16 and female by the way and I have this civics teacher. He's in his late 30's about and he's the varsity football coach. Don't let stereo types fool you, he's no Prince Charming and he's not absolutely sexy and other junk. He's handsome, and that's that. I honestly don't know why I'm so sexually attracted to him, but I catch my self thinking about him all the time in class. I was in a play and during Tech rehearsal I was changing my costume in the hallway by the dressing room, I was unbottoning my shirt as if I didn't see him walking down the hallway. I wanted him to get the message. So anyway, I was unbuttoning my shirt and as he walked by I clearly saw him look at my b******. This immediately turned me on and since then, the desires for him have been stronger. He has two desks in his room, one in the front next to the door with no cover, so you can see his legs and stuff. The other is in the center of the back of the room, with a cover so everything but your feet are hidden. I've often fantisied of him sitting at that desk and me underneath sucking his long, hard c***. Also, I went to his desk during a work day to ask a question. He kept smiling up at me and, honestly, it was an adorable have smile as he was talking. I couldn't make eye contact because I was so nervous! During that same talk he looked at my b****** again, and for a good 5 seconds. I wasn't wearing anything exposing, I had on a t-shirt and a north face jacket so I don't know why he was staring... Maybe he was fantasizing? But anyway, I've caught him staring at me and my b******, as often as I stare at his package and dream of him backing me up to a wall and f****** me hard.... What should I do? I've never been so sexually attracted to a teacher, and I feel like he's leading me on a bit...?

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  • Oops! I just reread your post and noticed your age. Ignore what I said and do nothing: you could be getting the guy in tremendous trouble, if you aren't of the age of consent. In most places, that's 18, some are 17. There are a few (a very few) where it's 16, but you and he would have to be really sure. It's just super risky if you aren't legal yet. I'm sorry I misled you.

  • he isnt leading you on to torment you....hes leading you on because he wants to find out if your really interested and so he wont embaras himself if he finds out you dont really want him. since you really are interested you should just tell him your dropping all the stupid pretense because you want him. tell him he can have you any time he wants and any where he wants and as much as he wants. if he says he wants it......give it to him....right then and there. once you get passed all the begining stuff the s** will be even better than you think it will be. trust me i know......

  • Go for it. And enjoy it.

  • He's obviously interested. What are you waiting for?

  • what someone else said is right he wont come on to you first so you will have to initiate things. do it gradually but be persistent about it. and what someone else said is right too that you should always be going by his room to see him. and when you do that you should always go by the girls rest room first and take off your bra and panties. the bra so he can see your nips poking out and then if he asks if you arent wearing a bra you admit you arent and then tell him you have no panties on either. tell him that was done just for him "so i will always be ready for you".

  • Just keep going by to see him and talk to him, preferably in settings where it's just the two of you alone. Start flirting with him, just casually, letting him know you are attracted to him. Touch his shoulder or arm or hand occasionally when you're speaking to him. Spend as much time with him, and in physical contact with him, as you possibly can. Mention how tired you are of boys and how much you prefer the company of adult men, especially the intelligent ones. With the Christmas holidays coming up, bring him a small present, something you've heard him talk about, or just something for his office. Then, if he still hasn't moved on you by the Christmas break, go by his office on the last day of class to wish him Happy Holidays, and kiss him on the cheek, but linger long enough for him to feel your breath on his face, and long enough for him to know you're hot and ready to go. And if he asks you to go ...... go. Always be ready to go when you walk into his office or classroom. ALWAYS. Have that idea in your mind: "today could be the day". Be prepared to give him what I think you already know he wants. If it starts, DO NOT LET HIM BACK OUT AND CHANGE HIS MIND. If starts, go for it and don't let up until you've gotten it. Once the s** starts, you're home free and you'll get everything you want. Good luck. And go get your man!

  • This is a common feeling among your post pubersecent girls. You'll get over it. Don't hurt yourself and ruin his career and life by comming on to him.

  • He will NEVER make the.first move. But if a hot 16 yo threw themselves at me i would not say no.

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