Neighborly fun

I have lived at my house for 6 years now. I had no idea my neighbor was gay. One day my wife wasn't home, I was outside smoking. He walked over and introduced himself. He asked if I wanted to see his man cave. I agreed and went down there. It was pretty cool. Just a getaway that had everything. We sat down on the couch and he says, "So you ever do anything with another guy?" I said, "I have yeah." He said, "How much time you got?" I said, "Well the wife is at work and I'm off today." He says, "Cool." He then pulled my basketball shorts off. He got on his knees and started sucking my d***. I must say it was an amazing b******. Afterwards he said, "Come over anytime. How much does the wife let you f*** her?" I said, "Not nearly enough." He said, "Well, you can come over anytime you see my car in the drive. We can get naked, have some fun then hang out." I've been back over there 4 times.

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  • Would you let him put it in you?
    Have you tasted him?

  • He really enjoys sucking d***. He likes to suck me till I c** and then keep going. As of this writing I have been over there 2-3 times a week for the past 3 weeks. I have tasted him and enjoy it a lot. I am versatile where he prefers to top. He has had his d*** in me 3 times now. I'm more and more liking it.

  • When he is inside you can you feel the heat of his shift up inside your bottom, I wonder how that feels?
    I wonder how it feels having someone's pelvis pushing against your naked butt. Do you bend over or are you on your back?
    Does he cut inside you? If so can you feel it's heat gush into you? When you suck, do you look up at him with your mouth full?
    I've had my pants pulled down for massage therapy and physicals, I admit it gave me exotic thoughts.

  • He likes to shower together. It's pretty erotic being on my knees and sucking his c*** with the water beating down on me. He soaps his c*** up and my backside. I reach for the wall of the shower and bend over almost halfway. He has f***** me enough times that once he gets it in (each time it's easier) he can pound me all he wants.

    Just the other day he sucked me off to 2 consecutive o******.

  • Sounds hot, but you didn't answer any of my questions. I just have to know the answers. I can only imagine how it feels. Can you feel him throb inside you when it comes out? I use a toy on myself but I imagine how it would feel to have my pants pulled down and...we'll be bent over.please answer me. It's such a turn on to imagine my toy imagines flesh.

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