Im in my 40s and wear diapers to bed

I have always had a diaper fetish. In middle school i stopped at on the way home and bought a pack of huggies, even though they were too small, i still loved it. After I got my first car I would drive around town and look at the adult diapers for sale and eventually got up the courage to buy some, I would hide them in my room and wear them at night occasionally. I went on a few road trips by myself and would always buy some diapers on the way and wear them when driving. It was sporadic because it was so embarrassing.

I met my wife a few years later and after being with her for 15 years and being without diapers, but not for lack of want, it was just something i couldn't talk to her about

My wife has some medical issues, one of them is a weak bladder. She wet herself a few times and was sick from some surgeries, i bought her some Depends, but she refused to wear them and the issue went away.

A couple of years later I got a text from her when I was on my way to work
I have a major problem
what? do i need to come back home?
no, for the last 3 nights i have woken up in a pool of pee, im not even getting up to go to the bathroom, what is wrong with me?
dont worry about it , it happens to millions of people, ill help you in any way i can

we texted thru the day and talked and i mentioned the depends and he was non committal, did not want to admit she would be helped by that,. When I got home I went and put one of her Depends for women to show her that no one can tell you would be wearing one. She was busy with her online job and i didnt get to show her. A few hours later when we were getting ready for bed i told her

I put on one of those depends, see? you cant even tell

and i pulled my pants down, she was intrigued and felt my ass to see, when we went upstairs to bed she put one on and it was like that for a few weeks, my wife wearing a depend to bed,

It was winter and there was ice on the ground, at work I slipped and cracked a few ribs, i was prescribed a mighty pain killer and told I could take some sleeping pills to get rest at night.

I told my wife I was concerned i wouldn't get up to go to the bathroom and asked if i could wear one of her depends. she said yes, a few days later I bought some depends for men.

I have worn depends to bed every night for the past year and a half. About 3 months ago we had to go on a trip and i told her I needed to buy some diapers to wear/change in to on the road, since the depends are like underwear and you have to take your pants off to change them, after that I started wearing diapers to bed every night, and plan to do so for a long time. Many mornings I wake up wet and happy, all day i look forward to putting my diaper on when i go to bed, now if i could just get her to put me in a diaper

Sep 27

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