Getting older

As I get older I have stopped being worried over things. I'm not old. I'm 36. I have been "curious" about s** with other men my whole life. Up until I was about 26, I would "experiment" and afterwards feel like it was something I shouldn't have done. Then something switched in my brain. I'm married to a good woman and I have a gay lover. She knows about it and she is cool with it. She wanted to share secrets and I told her that I had always been curious about having s** with another man. Not necessarily all the way, but oral. She told me that I should try it. So I did. It was with my neighbor. She doesn't ask for details but she knows that I go to his house after work once or twice a week for mutual oral. She's not big on giving head and my gay lover is.


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  • U need to decide are u gay r straight do the test do u prefer the scent of p**** r s***

  • How can u go back to ur wife with s**** on ur d*** discusting

  • If she respected you she would give you head

  • Next time take it n ass

  • I do take it in the ass. Just not every time. He prefers mutual oral. He told me that I give pretty good head

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