Happy plurality

I'm a multiple, I have tons of people living in my head and we're all various types of beings, human, animal, monster, deity, whatever, all that junk, and GUESS WHAT? We get along just fine. ALSO, guess what? This isn't some case of 'I just discovered multiplicity and otherkin on the internet and wow so cool I wanna be this now' - we've been going strong for over a decade. Someday we'll tell our story to the world. We're getting along just fine together, a whole city, a whole universe inside one body, and that's how we love it. Wouldn't want it any other way.

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  • News flash, snowflake: Ever since our brains evolved into what they are now, EVERYONE has had brains wired like this. We ALL have a "committee in our heads".

    As usual, Mils and Gen Zers are convinced beyond all reason that 1) they're the first generation ever to experience this and 2) that the concept needs a super-special edgy cool name.

    God you children are a clutch of narcissistic f****** imbeciles. Glad my conscience is clear and I didn't contribute to it in any way!

  • GenX is the last generation w/ any sense at all

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