I feel disgusting

All my life the people around me have been kind of assuming im straight...ive grown up with people asking me about boyfriends and things, so i guess ive somehow convinced myself that im straight, through them???? Anyway recently ive visited my cousins, (i am a girl and they are both girls) anf theyre like sisters ive never had, theyre my best friends and we love each other a lot. But....i think i havw developed a crush on one of them...and now im questioning my sexual orientation; i have actually been beginning to question it, and it feels as if this is going to change my life a whole lot. I have nothing against lgbt people, im just kind of shocked i guess because thr whole time ove just assumed i was straight. I dont really care about actually being a lesbian or a bi sexual person, im more really bothered about my maybe crush on my cousin..its kibd of a gross way to find out. And if i really am les or bi, how will i tell peoole?!? Please help, i feel really gross for liking a family member. ;-;

Aug 28, 2014

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