His Love

After all the men, only his love will do. I've tried to find a replacement but I can't find it. His beautiful side fits me perfectly, he knows what I need and how to ease my aching heart. With good, comes bad and his bad, is too difficult for anyone. It's unbearable but I'm sure I'm not easiest to deal with either. Maybe he never really loved me, maybe I made up a fantasy to fit what I needed. I guess I'll never know, I guess as years go by, I will carry this sorrow to my grave.

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  • .. Holy cow, yet another 'woman' that needs to get over herself.

  • Thank you darling. Your chosen words coming from a woman are very rewarding & uplifting to receive as a Man, knowing the numerous heartaches & heartbreaks I am indeed held accountable for. True, there are dozens of women & dozens of times I insincerely professed my love to you & to others solely as part of the aim to quench my biological need however keep in mind that is nature dictating a Man's behavior.

    Moreover, it may very well be that you, like other women created fantasies to fit me to your needs. Factually, due to many dames being fickle, I agree with you never really knowing what our relationship was. True, the years will pass & like some of my younger, unfortunate conquests, you may have to take the sorrow to your grave Miss.

  • What a romantic ode! Do you not believe that we all have more than one soul mate? Maybe you'll meet another love if you'd stop pining over the one who got away.

  • As I've indicated here, I've loved and been loved by many men but they are really a replacement for him. You could say those men were my soulmates but he is my twin flame. Love chooses us, it claims us, we don't get to pick who we fall in love with.

  • BOSH. Merely a template message for the selfish tramps that they are.

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