Im catfishing

I play this game called Imvu. Im a 12 year old girl. I met these people in a chat room that I can call my best friends. But the problem is. i'm catfishing them playing the persona of a 19 year old girl named Addison. I downloaded tinder and found some girl online found her instagram and used her pictures ( I used tinder so they couldn't reserve google search) I feel so bad about cat fishing them and I don't know what to do. they genuinely believe I am who I say I am. I want to confess but the people are 17 and 18 and i'm 12 so I feel I can't. I don't want to just randomly disappear out of no where either. They always talk about meeting. this is honestly so dumb and I don't know why I decided to do this and now i'm stuck in this situation. if anyone knows what to do please help.

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  • Is OP still around

  • What you should do is tell them that you want to meet them all at once pick a place and than when you get together tell them the truth. they will be happy that you wanted to tell them the truth in person that shows that you have good caritior. this is what a good person would do. by the way can i f*** you. i would love to be your first. can i pop your cherry.

  • No thanks

  • My mom is being a c***

  • Hey. I've been in your shoes before. From my experience, I've found that eventually, the truth comes out. Either the person you are using to catfish everyone discovers what you are doing (and exposes you/threatens you for it), or the people you are catfishing wise up and it ruins your friendship. It would be better to own up to it. Maybe you can try to tell each of them one at a time what you did, explain why you did it, and express remorse. Acknowledge that what you did was wrong and show compassion towards what they might be feeling. A lot of times, they'll wind up feeling betrayed, but eventually, they'll understand. However, that doesn't mean they'll want to continue the friendship, and that's another thing you'll have to recognise as well.

  • Like i told yous my mom found out. l got in sooooooo much trouble. l hate her and she is not my boss and she grounds me and spanks me like for hardley nothing. l hope you come back hugs xxxxxxx

  • Don't tell them your age, just say that you were catfishing them, and you're sorry. Tell them to be a little bit more cautious too. No need to reveal your age.

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