Hot younger guys

I really like younger guy and he likes me but what do I tell his parents when I meet them? Am I a creeper? A bad person? He is only 2 years younger by everyone is saying different thing s

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  • How old are the both of you? thats the only way youll get your answers

  • In general, if you let too many people influence you or give you their opinions, your relationship will end before it even begins. Because the things you are uncomfortable with or question will just be amplified. 2 years isn't such a huge age gap. It can work. Where you may find issues is with his maturity level, because boys tend to mature at a slower rate than girls. But everyone is different. Also what if you have enough in common and how your friends and his friends get along..etc. Like the other commenter asked - how old are you two? Be honest with his parents. If your parents and his parents are okay with it, maybe you don't have to be worrying about anything.

  • It depends on how old both of you are.....

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