Mean co workers!

I wish my co workers all disappear into paradise I won't wish bad on them but I reeeeeeeeeally don't like them. Their really mean people. They act like in stupid and don't know anything because I like to verify a lot one girl treated me like I was poor and when I p***** her off made a huge scene that she would never help me again I was so embarrassed she made me seem like a charity case. Even my other co worker who's her friend came to me and told me that. I just don't like any of them. Some days their nice other days their rude annoying mean and nasty.

And yes I am a gay male & no I'm not being over sensitive, they treat me like crap!

Dec 12, 2014

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  • OMG.. the last part of this explains everything! If you're going to try and be a woman at least do it right cause women are strong individuals.. you know, like your Mom!

  • Just because we work with people, doesn't mean we will get a long or even be friends with..and that's okay. You don't need them as friends. Just do your work - do not let them have any bearing on your work performance. When you have to interact with them, be professional and courteous..Don't joke, make faces, be sarcastic with them, don't give them anything they can use. Don't share anything personal about yourself to them and NEVER EVER gossip about them to anyone. Like, when the other co-worker came over to you, never feed in to it. Don't socialize with them - you wouldn't want them as friends outside of the workplace, don't worry about them in side the workplace. You are there to do a job. Just a note.. Yes, words can hurt but no one can make you feel anyway except for you. They don't have that much power. If things are really bad, start documenting their behavior. Just because you're a male, doesn't mean that they are allowed to harass you. Don't give them another thought, they aren't worth your time. While at work, take your lunch by yourself or go with another co-worker that you like and get out of the office. Breaks are good for you. Boost your social life outside of work with friends and events. You may not be able to have any control over who you work with, but you can with who you are friends with. Update your resume and start looking. Any office will have its own set of pros and cons, just keep your eyes open for other opportunities.

  • Suck on my t****** cuntislava.

  • Well you certainly write like you're poor and uneducated so they may have a case.

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