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Everytime I go out with my dad, he wants me to be girly like all the other girls are trying to be nowadays. He gets upset when I don't try to make myself prettier and "try new things". I like that my dad is trying to get me to fit in.......But I'm more of a tomboy, a gamer girl. I never had a true taste for fashion, and I was always more of a girl who prefers comfort over the lates style. I always wear t-shirts and jeans when my dad isn't around. Should I tell him how I feel?

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  • I'm a dad & I have a son and a daughter. To me there are times for a girl to be 'girly' and that's great. Like wearing a cute dress / shoes / bling and so on. I like to see her dressed up.

    I am also proud when she achieves in the sporting area.

    In a way what I am trying to say is to be proud to be a girl. Sometimes its shorts and a tee shirt and sometimes its a flirty skirt and bling.

  • Continue to be yourself, it's your life, not his or any man's in fact. It sounds as thou you like to be comfortable and not to draw attention to yourself, or maybe even a little lazy, but what would it hurt, will it kill you to be a little slutty.. try something different in life you might just like how it feels, who knows!

  • Yes, you should tell him. There are two ways to look at this too. First, he sees you as his little girl and wants the best for you. Because maybe he thinks you're hiding behind your clothes. But what's also true is that dresses and skirts and makeup aren't for every girl. It's still important to look your best (so you can feel your best) even when you're wearing jeans and T or sweats. You can certainly have your own style and explain that to him. Show him what you like to wear and what your interests are. It's also important that regardless of what you like to wear on a daily basis, that you can dress appropriately for a special occasion.

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