I think I'm pregnant

For the last 3 months I haven't had my periods and I think it's because I'm pregnant, from this house party I went to. I got really drunk at the party and the next day I was in a room with 3 boys from my class and we were all completely naked and the bed was sticky. I'm sooo scared right now, Should I tell someone or keep it a secret? The boys haven't said anything but I sometimes see them staring at me with there hands under the table and massive grins on their faces or actually rubbing their p**** in front of loads of people.

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  • *Update*
    So yeah I did get pregnant from it and now my boyfriend's left me and I have to rasie this kid when it's born on my own.

  • Just ask them if they remember anything about the event that accured .and you should have taken the morning after pill called "plan b" to make sure u wouldnt get pregnant.im just trying to help .

  • Ok so I asked today, only one of the boys were in,but he said I was very willing and I was very submissive to them. But he wouldn't tell me any more.

  • Thanks I'll ask today.If I had known about the pill I probably would of taken it, but to be honest I was scared senseless at the idea that the boys had taken my first time and not my boyfriend. But thanks for the advise if this happens again (Hopefully it won't) I'll know what to do.

  • Geez girl how old are you?

  • I'm 18 but my birthday was 3 days after the party

  • Ouch. .. someone's getting in trouble with the law if your parents have a mighty wrath.

  • I haven't told them or my boyfriend

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