My crush

Currently I am in 8th grade. I always had an eye on one of my teachers in 6th grade. He was soooooo hot that everyone in my grade talked about it, acted slutty aroun him and stuff. I found it perfectly normal to talk about how attractive he was. Things got bad for him because he had to tak down all of his social media profiles because we were stalking him. I neve worked very hard in his class. I never work very hard in any class. A couple days after i had been sick for two weeks he asked me to stay after school with him to work on an essay that was worth a huge part of my grade. I didnt really knew what to do and i dont bother to ask anyone because im that very shy type. I was pretending to type stuff on the computer,but then i thought why not just ask him for once. I asked him what i needed to do and he showed me,but in a position like how a man would show a girl how to play golf or shoot a gun. I blushed a bit, butwent to work. I couldnt concentrate,but it was finally time to leave. I stood outside of the school waiting for my parents to pick me up. this was five or ten minutes after i left the classroom. He said" you're still here? i said yes. He offered me a ride home if my parents didnt show up soon. He was a new teacher that i didnt know anything about except that he is so hot. After what felt like and eternity my mom showed up. The next day at school i had to stay after school again he kept touching me, and every time he touched me i had the sexual images in my head. I tried to block them out but they were really strong. One day they became to much and i had to leave the room. i said im sorry and left. I never finished that essay and surprisingly i got an A. i passed,but he subs for my 8th grade teachers and i can still see that twinkle in his eye.

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  • Your teacher in 6th grade and then you said he's new? Liar.

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