My brother in law

I'm confessing to having a full blown affair with my step sisters husband. My husband hates him yet has no idea we're hooking up and how well he sexually satisfies me. My step sister is clueless,she has no idea. We started having s** 3 years ago when both our marriages were full of stress, which initially had nothing to do with our affair. I've learned a lot having this affair. I see my husband as a control freak, but he's not able to control me like he used to now, I refuse to be led by the nose by him anymore. I can tell he's wondering why I refuse to give into his control tactics which turned violent and ugly recently when I refused his "orders". My step sister is the opitamy of a dumb blonde, she really is a dumb blonde. She has no clue her husband and I are having an affair going on for a few years. Not even my closest friend knows.My husband is getting suspicious, he asked me if I was having an affair, which I denied and he can't find any proof, he has no idea who it could be. I know he's looking, he calls me a lot through out the day now. Once while I was actually having intercourse with my steps husband, my husband called me on my cellphone asking about what we were doing for supper that night. We have a way of communication through our jobs. No texts, no secret emails, no phone calls, leaving no trail to follow. Keeping it irregular and at times infrequent helps. But sometimes we meet a few times a week, or it could be once a month depending on what goes on at home.Sad part is how much I like doing this, it's like my own revolution for all the garbage I put up with over the years with his control freak tactics that have driven me away from him, the guy who seemed to never satisfy me but was so good at his own satisfaction. I let him have me once in a while to reduce the suspicion,I hate it but I'm never going to stop having an affair with my steps husband as long as I remain married, which is on a path to failure now that I know what sexual satisfaction really is. There is no way I'm staying married to a pathetic control freak who can't seem to do anything to make me happy, satisfied or able to look forward to anything with. I do not feel guilty, just sad for my step sister who's husband is not happy her. She's bad with money, loves her booze and is failing to take care of herself despite his plea's for her to get help.She was once a very beautiful woman who's let the booze take control of her life, her looks her weight gain and her brains are all just about gone.I know he still cares about her well being and struggles with her getting help,but she does not want help.

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  • Well, you're gonna get caught, so figure out what both of you will do when it happens. And turn off the cellphone BEFORE you head to your meeting spots. That will delay the inevitable by quite a while.

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