I just don't believe in god.

I don't believe in god. I am a polytheist meaning I believe in several gods. Nobody understands and I am worried that people will hate me for it. I believe in multiple but not god. I hate when people mention hime, when he is mentioned in songs, but I don't say a thing, mostly because they would judge me harshly.
P.S. I am not against people's religion. I am trying not to sound like I am judging anyone's religion, so please don't judge my beliefs.

Dec 28, 2014

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  • Same brudda

  • 99.9999% of christians could not give you the history of the first three centuries and how christianity even began. They have no idea that Paul is the real father of modern day christianity and that Jesus was thought of as the Messiah, a Jewish prophet that was supposed to free the lands and bring 100 years of peace, not as the son of god.

    If people actually did research, they would be surprised at how there has never been one christian faith, but many. And that it wasn't until Constantine made it the official roman religion (and change the cross from X which is how roman's actually crucified people to + which he supposedly saw int he sky before battle) that it was just a bunch of cults floating around. Popular, yes. But it was popular among slaves because it gave them hope for all their suffering.

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