Of Course I have

Hey, I work at a clothing store, I make ends meet but let's be honest, I can't afford to go to fancy restaurants and other events. So I have found guys who have the same taste I have and have gone on tons of dates, ate well, seen bands, had a night of drinks paid for.

And all I had to do in return is give a b******* or two, lay back and hopefully have an o*****, but let some guy pant for 4 or 5 minutes and then snuggle and sleep.

Guys continue to call me and I continue to give suggestions on where I'd like to eat. They pay, I let them f*** me. We're both happy.

I even let a guy take my virgin ass because I found out he had two free tickets to Vegas. Sore r***** was a great price for having a long weekend of fun.

Call me what you want, but I have had a great time on a very limited budget.

Dec 29, 2014

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  • As long as you understand what you really are...A prostitute..It's all fine. Don't be surprised one of these days when one of these guys takes it further than you like, and ends up beating the s*** out of you or killing you.

  • My guess is that her meals are worth more than $20. I'm guessing she is taking guys for several hundred a night. And no one is forcing you guys to pay it, but you want s** so bad, you are willing to pay what ever we ask.

    It's you, not us.

  • Yep! I don't agree with OP morally, but she knows how to work drooling boys who would rather function like rutting dogs than intelligent human beings. If you fools don't like it, get control of yourselves. Otherwise, smile, shut up, and earn your bj's the old-fashioned way!

  • Your no different than a $20. prostitute.

  • Married a girl like you. Regretted it. Thanks.

  • Probably couldn't see past her... assets until it was too late. There had to have been red flags before you married her, but you were blinded by that little appendage down there that does your thinking for you. Learn and evolve.

  • I'm not as blatant as you, but yes, if I really wanted something and all it took was s** to get it. Why not.

  • I love it, well done you

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