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Okay, this is gonna be kind of strange. This is my first time using the site so it feels awkward as I sit here eating Cheez-Its and typing this. One thing you should know (to whoever cares to read this) I am a straight female. I don't even know another way to put this, but I sometimes watch p***. Now you may think, there's nothing wrong with you watching p***, but it's not regular p***. I actually watch lesbian p*** (only sometimes this isn't a daily thing!!!). I always delete my phone history afterward but I'm always scared if my parents and close friends find out. It's just when I get really h**** I like to watch it sometimes. But I'm not lesbian yet I like to watch lesbian p*** sometimes.......What does this say about me? It's also funny since I don't ever wanna have s**. What does this say about me??

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  • Bisexual or kink.

  • It's just different so it's a turn on. I watch gay male p***, and I am a straight female. Those men don't want me, but I like watching them ;)

  • Enjoy it till the feeling goes

  • Sounds like you are bisexual. Not a bad thing at all.

  • Bisexual

  • {{ ('~') }}
    ( . ) ( . )
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    Does that get you wet?

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  • First of all dont already state what you are or arent sexually because obviously by your post you are still figuring some things out in life. Im not saying you are or you arent a lesbian, but if you happen to be then there wouldnt be anything wrong with it.

    You strongly say you arent a lesbian as if you already have a problem with it, and you shouldnt, you should come to figure things out in your life from a complete position of no judgement and complete freedom of thought and feelings.

    Having said that, no I dont think that because you like to watch lesbian p*** right now that automatically makes you a lesbian for life. I believe by what you wrote you are still pretty young and you are figuring things out about yourself and about your sexuality.

    Maybe you saw something once in lesbian p*** that caught your attention and now emotionally you just keep coming back to it, that doesnt mean you will maybe find the same comfort in the idea of having s** with a man.

    I think you should experiment and be aware of your feelings and emotions. Watch heterosexual p*** too and see what you feel. If you are still confused about your identity then experiment physically, not necessarily having s** but being closer emotionally with people from both sexes and again observe your feelings and emotions

    Like I said you should come to all this experimenting from a complete position of no judgement, if you find that you life boys better then ok just keep going, but if you happen to discover that you feel more comfortable with women then thats fine too, there wouldnt be any problem with it, in life you should just go with whatever makes you happy, no matter what it is or what others think. Good luck

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