Naughty but nice

I'm the 16 year old boy with B cup b****** and I feel there is a girl trapped inside of me well last night I went to see a movie at the local theater and while at the movie I met this man much older than I but he mad me feel like no other has before.
I guess he thought I was a girl but when he felt my c*** he didn't leave but he continued to arouse me and we left the theater and I went to his house and before I got the chance to get into the room he turned me around and gave me the most passionate kiss I ever had and I felt like butter in his arms.
His ands found my braw less b****** and he began to cup them in his big hands and he took my nipples between his thumb and finger and began to rub them and they got hard as rocks sending messages through out my body and I wanted to be made love to and he picked me up and carried me to the couch and he began kissing me like he did before and at that moment I told myself he could do anything to me he wanted to, he began undressing me and I offered no resistance he got me naked and his hands glided all over me making my body tingle and my breathing became deep and irregular because of what he was doing to me.
I didn't even see him undress, he pulled me to the floor onto the rug and began to make love to me, he got between my legs and start3ed in thrusting his c*** against mine and he picked my buttocks up and slid a pillow beneath my ass as he took a nipple into his mouth and began to tease my nipple, I was unaware that I was pushing my hips up hard against him and he began to push his c*** into my ass and he picked my legs up onto his shoulders and he began to f*** my ass. oh god it hurt but he went slow at first but then he started in giving me all he had and it wasn't long till I was wanting him more and more and it wasn't long till I felt him tighten up and he grabbed my hips pulling me tighter against him and he started in growling like a bull moose and I felt his c** interring my ass then I felt it interring me squirt after squirt and he held me tight against him and all of a sudden we both collapsed down onto the rug and he kissed me sever more times and he held himself up off me but keeping his c*** in me and I was unaware that I was rotating my hip on his c*** till he said easy baby you'll make me want you more and I answered him any time you want me I'm yours then it hit me what I said, I looked at him and smiled as he began to f*** me again. Nice slow strokes and his c*** began to get hard again and it felt oh so good to me and I raised my ass to him as he pushed his c*** further and further into me, our eyes met and I felt like putty in his hands and I would let him do anything to me he wanted and I continued to f*** him as he f***** me.
I know now why god gave me these b******, just wish I had a p**** to give him as well. He continued to f*** me slow and easy but deep penetrations and I continued to push up against him with my legs wrapped around his back holding him onto me not wanting him to get off of me or out of me but he told me he couldn't for his c*** was burning and he had to get up so I let him and as he stood up before me I looked at his c*** and wondered how I took all of that in me and it was the first time I ever see another guys c*** hard, he disappeared into the bath room for a few minutes and he returned with a towel and a wash cloth and cleaned me up, not to much was said between us but he was wondering if I would ever see him again, I said yes any time he wanted me and he said tomorrow questionly I answered yes after school.
It turned out he lived just down the street from me and I said I could walk home for it's only six blocks and he smiled as he gave me another kiss.
He asked about my b****** and I told him last year they just started in developing and my girl friend that I had left because of them and boys at school called me a freak so I had basically no friends.
He confided in me to start with he thought I was a girl till he felt my c*** and he thought I would reject his feeling me up and I told him when he touched my nipple my whole body wanted more and more and I was his to do with what he wanted he bent down and gave me another long kiss as he touched my still hard nipple then he asked how did I ever end up with such beautiful b****** without being a girl, just born this way I answered.
For four hours we talked kissed and he took me to heights I never dreamed of as he slid his fingers over me and stroking my hard c*** which I was about to shot my load and as I did it landed way over my head onto the chair and he shouted Wow and continued to stroke my c*** and I placed my hand over his and held him still for the head of my c*** felt like it was on fire and began to ache when his hand hit it so he just held me as my h****** went down and he told me he never seen anyone shoot his load over his head and we both kinda laughed. He lit a fire in his gas fireplace and we layed there till I had to get home, wow 1:40.


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  • Cough cough pedo ... Cough

  • Never going to let my kid go to the movies alone ever again now.

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