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I am 15 years old. I have been in a relationship with my gorgeous and perfect girkfriend for just under three months, I know I'm young and it's naive to say that she is perfect, but I really do love her. When we first started dating she messed me about a little with trust and other guys and for the first month or so of our relationship she continued too. I put up with this and eventually overcame it. I have always prided myself in being a caring, loving and loyal boyfriend. Always doing the best I could to make her happy. Just before Christmas, we lost our virginities to each other. It was perfect, the s** was bad, but because it was with her it made it perfect. A few days later she went away for a week in holiday overseas, she misses New Year's Eve, my birthday and I don't see her until we start back at school. On New Year's Eve I had made plans to go to a rave, a big illegal dance thing and this is the first time ice ever done that, I ended up taking ecstasy and it was crazy and I really regret all that. We ended up going back to this girls house, a girl I had once been on a date with. We had got a little close dancing at the rave but nothing to intimate or pushing the boundaries. I stopped myself from going further because I love my girlfriend unconditionally. And I know that I can't lose her. The drugs f***** with my mind and I was also drunk and had inhaled done weed from second hand smoke. I am not like this I am a posh middle class white boy and this is not at all me. I ended up having sec with this girl back at her house, it was short, I didn't really enjoy it it was soulless I could stop myself because drugs and alcohol had screwed with my head. I don't know what to do. I love my girlfriend and I can't lose her, if I tell her I am sure she will leave me and I couldn't handle that. I just need advice. I know I sound like a scumbag but I'm wrecked and I can't look at myself for disgust and guilt. This girlfriend of mine? I would marry her spend my life with her if I could but what do I do? I know that I will never ever if it again and I have never 'cheated' in the past and had I not been so intoxicated I never would have. I know what I have done is wrong and I'll never forgive myself, but what should I do!? Please help me I can't lose her I adore her I'm dying over here and I hate myself.


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  • It gets hard to trust someone once they've broken your trust. I personally feel kids shouldn't be s** and 15, they are emotionally unstable to be getting involved in this because it can cause high s** drive, and young kids being kids don't always know how to act responsibly and maturely yet. Not all of them mind you.

    Shouldn't have gotten high in the first place bud, this mess wouldn't have happened. Try to sort out your guilt with yourself first. What happened, happened. Don't worry about past, try to secure your future.

    You do need to talk to your gf though. I could see her breaking up with you, if I was in her place, I surely would. But then again, I am not her. Its going to be a rough patch, bud. You guys might break it off for a while too, but if she really does love you and you her, then yeah, you'll work it through.
    Hope you learned your lesson. Teen years can be fun and exciting. But you don't need to take drugs to do that.

    If things do not work out, don't resort to drugs and having s** to sort your feelings out, ok? You need to tell her, cheating can certainly become a habit, especially when you feel low.

    Good luck!

  • I'm 16. I've been dating my boyfriend for almost nine months. A month after we started dating, he cheated on me by sexting with his ex girlfriend. He apologized repeatedly and still apologized occasionally now. It was obvious he felt guilty and his apologies were sincere. Four months ago, I went to the beach, got drunk with some random kids I had met, and ended up making out with some guy. I told him about it the very next time I saw him. I apologized and promised it would never happen again. I also mentioned the time with his ex girlfriend, making sure to tell him that I know that wouldn't excuse my actions. He was very understanding, but still angry. I love my boyfriend every much, and I know he feels the same toward me. I hope everything works out for you. If your girlfriend is really as great as you think, she'll be as understanding and forgiving as my boyfriend. Just make sure you never do that again. Good luck!

  • Dumb ass!

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