Cant get rid of these fantasies...

Ever since I have been young, like pre teen i have been a pervert for women in my own family, mom, step-mom, aunts etc. I have received mixed signals from my mom on whether or not she would be sexually interested in me. But overall, I always peek at my mom and aunts when they change or try to look down there shirts or up the dresses/skirts. I know its wrong but thats my ultimate fantasy to be with them sexually. When i was about 7 or 8 my aunt invited me into the bathroom with her while she peed, I have no clue why she would do that but to this day i still remember seeing her hairy p**** and watching her wipe it. Also I have seen her topless. Then I have peeked at my mom changing dozens of times, felt her b****** while she slept and masturbated in front of her while she slept a lot. When i was in high school, I would wear nothing but boxers to sleep in but first I would get myself semi hard and go kiss her goodnight, and i would purposely kiss her on her mouth but make it seem like I just had bad aim but I did notice her look at my d*** a few times. I still to this day (10 years later) fantasize about having s** with her, my aunts and older woman who were family friends (motherly figures). And now I am feeling this way for my mother in law and my wife's aunts (2 of the aunts are complete whores by the way, almost sickening). Does anybody else have these feelings?

Oct 6, 2011

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  • just reading ur fantasy & the comments here have my p**** tripping wet & my c*** rock hard & throbbing. I think incest is so damn hot. I dont personally want to have s** with any of my family. I am 30 now but when I was preteen & teen I use to have s** with male cousins all the time. they were close in kin. 1st & 2nd cousins. I loved it & so did they. I often wish now that I had a younger & older brother so I could suck their big black d**** whenever they wanted me to. cummin from the thought alone.

  • Yes, other people DEFINITELY have these feelings. Your body wants whom it wants. It's our brains that get in the way and have to live up to rules, commitments, ethics, moral, religious and cultural expectations.

    Some people actually ACT on these feelings with their relatives but it's risky business. You risk getting rejected or outed as the family pervert by a relative if she rejects your sexual advances. On the other hand, if she is INTO you and accepts your sexual advances.... then things could be REALLY good. I say, whatever occurs between CONSENTING ADULTS is all good IMO.

  • This is complete and total horseshit

  • But I like it.

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