Snubbed me or playing hard to get now?

On New Year's eve week,a cousin of mine came to my city and invited me to a hotel room where he was with his wife and kids.I went with my young sons.As soon as I got into the room and said hi to them,I was surprised to see two young daughters that were not familiar to me.Before I could even ask whom they were,this one gorgeous young lady appeared from one of the two rooms in that suite.Immediately,I asked whose wife she was and they laughed and said she was not taken.

Before I even knew her name,I told them I will marry her, making the whole thing hilarious. We were introduced and got on great from that very second.She had a brilliant mind,great body and what I thought was a great heart.

My cousin suggested we go downstairs and talk privately.We sat down n the lounge for a few minutes and before you knew it,the four of us had driven off to a nearby bar and left the kids with my cousin's teenage son and daughter(16/14).

She and I had a great conversation at the bar,we shared lots of stories about each of us.We came back to the hotel room,she prepared a place for me and my sons in the living room and tucked us in.It was just awesome.

I have dated many women in my life and something told me this was the one.I don't even fancy women with younger kids for long term relationships;but this one was exceptional.Her whole outlook on life was just impressive.I learned that her kids dad does not want her because too many women chase after him and he wants nothing to do with her but enjoys the kids.

We woke up the next day and I left before noon.She promised to stay in touch because we were both hopeful of a long term relationship in a blended family situation.I called and left her a message later that day,send her a message saying hi the last two days,but she has neither called me or text back.My cousin and his wife say the will talk to her and see what went wrong-maybe she was just drunk. I am so heartbroken.I think it was all a bad dream.

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