What now?

I am 16. My boyfriend (19) and I have just started having s** always protected. Until a little bit ago. We didn't have protected s** because he took it off and when I said not without a condom, he said the he will pull out. Against my better judgement I allowed it to happen 2 times that night. Next time we were together, it happened again. Now I am showing early signs of pregnancy. I don't know how I feel about it either. If I tell my parents they make us break up or put him in jail for s** with a minor. Now what?

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  • Whores will be whores smart young girls don't act this way there too busy focusing on there future school & having respect for themselves your parents should be disgusted of your actions!!!

  • Your parents are the best place to turn to in this situation. They will be extremely unhappy but they will do what is best for you.

  • He gets to reap what he has sown. You were both dumb - tell your parents. They love you.

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