Tired of hiding

I don't believe in God. I'm tired of hiding it. No one should have to hide what they believe.

Jan 7, 2015

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  • Well don't hide it. I hope you live in a relatively safe place like USA, EU, AusNZ where one can freely chose ones religion.

    I'm a Christian. Go to church. Believe in God.

    It was very confronting for me when my child said they did not believe in God. After I got over my initial sadness, I aid that obviously faith is their decision.

    I asked him to be respectful of mine.

    I also said that as part of a family sometimes you have to go along to events you don't like. So he comes to church with us about once a month. Maybe once every 2 months.

    That's the way we dealt with it.

  • Then accept the fact that someday, when he is out from under your roof and your "Christian 'love' ", he will deal with it by avoiding you... and perhaps even insisting on honoring HIS beliefs when you are in HIS home.

    What goes around comes around, judgmental one.

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