I just don't know

I'm scared that God isn't real. I believe in God. but what if it's all make believe :(( i hope it's not I hope Gods real

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  • Most people are not good people and hope god is not real and hate him. the fact that you need a creator to exist and fear he doesn't is a sign to me good people still exist. while i didnt answer your question you answered mine. have a good life.

  • Ask God to give you some sort of sign. Really, the meaning of faith is to believe in something without using sight. But if you are scared, just ask God. He will give you an answer.

  • f*** god. believe in yourself.

  • its ok to be afraid once in a while and if you tell God how you feel like you did here you wont be ashamed any more cause he is real, His love is real, and i know that he is the only sanity that exists in this insane world, many people hated and loved jesus when he came to our world in the flesh, he only really told off the super religous people who didnt want to be appart of God bieng merciful but he only told them off cause they did believe he was God but they wanted him to not exist they thought killing him would "kill" him, what a good sense of humor he must have with all us ordinary people? he treats us even in our doubt our fears and our shame with such tender kindness that even though he rose from the dead, and is in heaven and here on earth in spirit form, even though he isnt back in the second coming, he gives us time to deal with life and bieng human and thoe arms that he stretched out so wide when he died, Risen and Living though we dont see him with our eyes we can know with our hearts he loves us and he knows its hard to be human, and he doesnt tell people like us off, he sits by our side and carries us through times like this till our hearts can know him again with certainty. even john the baptist had doubts, and even thomas one of his disciples had unbelief, but we who are not the ones who saw him in the flesh and physical world at all before we believed, we are the blessed ones, and he loves us and forgives us even when we are all together too human, so dont be h****** yourself and dont be afraid to tell Jesus, God, how you feel. its ok he wont disappoint you if you give him a chance with your heart even the part of it you are worried about. his arms are always open wide, only now he reaches us from heaven or inside, which ever works best. and i dont think you are willfully hating him and believng so i think it will be alright. dont be scared anymore. he wouldnt be putting you in the same catagory as the priest who willfully turned people against him cause they wanted to possess the kingdom themselves and knew he was messiah, it wouldnt be bad at all to be in the same catergory as John the baptist or Thomas, anyways which is more where you came to when you made this confession now isnt it?

  • I'm an atheist, but I don't think that believing in God should scare you too much. As long as you keep an open mind towards scientific explanations as well as religious ones, believing can't hurt you.

  • Honestly, I don't disagree with you about the believing part, but I am going to say something about science. People have made science into a religion and it's not. Science is true and so is religion, but people have made science into a religion, and its not supposed to be one. There were scientists that were Christian.

  • That makes you an agnostic. NO ONE knows if there is any god whatsoever. However i can tell you the Judeo-Christian god is a contradiction that shows hes not what they say. Omnipotent and all loving? If both of those were true the world wouldnt be such a horrible messed up place so at least one of those is a lie. The bible also contradicts itself so its a lie it was written by god, even if it was inspired by god the people who wrote it filled it with lies so its useless. Also you should ask yourself why would you need a god at all? Is it because you want someone to talk to? Then you could get a special friend instead. Is it because you want someone to solve your problems? Then you could get a friend or work hard and look up statistics on whats most likely chances you have and how to do things your way. Also even if there was no gods of any kind there are still the chances of kind spirits of the dead that help people or something like that. All in all its not that important if there is or isnt a god because everything in your life is up to your free will anyways.

  • Believe whatever makes you feel good. I don't need the whole God security blanket thing.

  • whatever makes you feel good. genius. why has no one ever thought of being so selfish

  • He is. Ask Him if He will show Himself to you -

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