Im a guy and i have slept with 2 of my cousins in the past, well second cousins, i gotta say ive really enjoyed it, one of them, we still flirt and i know if the chance came up we would again, me and one of my first cousins made out plenty of times but it never went any farther but i wish it would, she is bit on the bigger side but she is hot with the biggest t*** u could imagine, hopefully some day i will get to see them

Jan 7, 2015

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  • Did my cousin and my sister at the same time once, we were all at the house hanging out and they began teasing me. My sister is 4 years older than me, my cousin a bit more. I was barely 16 at the time.
    My sister did blow me but no full s**, she just watched while I did my cousin. She told me to lick her so I did, she did a lot of squealing so I know she liked it.
    Cousin is pretty fat, sister isn't. But I did get to see my sister naked, only time I ever did. My cousin felt not very tight so I think she had done it a lot with other guys. My first time with a woman, two at once, I bet that is different.

  • I'm A Gay Male and Have Slept With My Boy Cousins...We Were Wearing Matching Bras, Panties and Nylons.

  • I have had relationship with one cousin and one second cousin. My relationship with my first cousin started when she was going through a separation. We would meet two or three times a week and have fantastic s**. She even asked me to move in with her but I said no. We then drifted apart. A few months later I went to a cousin's wedding who is much older than me and I met her daughter who was twenty one years old. I last saw her about eleven years ago. We hit it off straight away. We spent that night in the hotel bedroom and after that we became a couple. Eight months into our relationship, she became pregnant. We had a beautiful baby daughter and we lived together very happily for the next twenty year's. We started to have a few arguments mainly over work issues. Eventually we split up. About five years ago I met up with my first cousin again, I now live with her. She is sixty six and I am sixty one. My Cousin's have certainly made me happy for most of my life.

  • I'm a girl. Many times an older cousin of mine tried to get in my pants. I always said no. The truth is that I wish I had said yes. He had a big c*** too...

  • I had s** with one of my cousins when we were very young. Much younger than most have sexual knowledge. She loved to suck my c***, it thrilled her when I had an o*****. I had not started shooting off yet, but it was a great feeling for her and I both.
    In years to come I did start e********** and how she did not get pregnant, I ma not sure. We had a lot of s** and had s** a lot.
    Another of our cousins joined in and she was a bit older, she enjoyed the three some. She had one of the best feeling v***** I have had. She worked it well and her body. We had s** after we both were married at special times of the year.

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