Candy striper

I work at the local hospital here in Reno as a candy striper and I don't know why but I always end up cleaning up after guys go in their bed pans and this one guy would go just a bit and I'd clean up his pan and place it near his bed so he could reach it and proceed with the other pans in the room and he'd call me over and tell me his need4ed emptying again and when I went over he grabbed me as I bent over to get his pan and pulled me tight against his bed and he was like a octopus hands everywhere undoing my bra in my panties and before I knew it he had me bent over him and he was kissing my neck telling me how hot I was and he couldn't help himself as his hands slid down my sides down onto my thighs pulling my panties with them then he pulled me further up ,onto him and it wasn't long till he positioned his c*** between my legs, one hand playing with my c*** the other pushing the head of his c*** into my wet p****. Further he4 pulled me up onto him pushing his c*** further into me then he began f****** me hard, I swore he had eight hands for they were everywhere then he stopped turned me over gave me one h*** of a kiss and sat me up on his c*** and I began to f*** him as he f***** me earlier, bucking my hips on his c*** I was c****** every three minutes for he felt so awesome inside of me and I felt him grab hold of my hips and pulled me tight on his c*** as he shot his load into m and I came on his. Oh god did I c** and I started in pushing down onto his c*** harder taking him all into me and squeezing the last bit of his c** his hands cupping my bare b****** flicking my hard nipples and I began squirming all over again f****** him and his c*** showed no signs of him softening so I took advantage of him and f***** him c****** over and over on his c*** and I collapsed on his chest his kisses were cooling me down but I still had his hard c*** inside of me and he was slowly f****** me still as his lips covered mine and our toungs met exploring each others mouths and I layed there totally drained of wanting s** but he kept after me shoving his hard c*** deep into me telling me he had taken 4 V*****'s and he'd be hard for hours to f*** me and I thought oh god and I found myself pushing hard back against him as he shoved his c*** even further into me as his c** began to make squishing noises as he shoved his c*** even further into me and then I heard Cindy I froze oh I forgot to tell you but I see I am to late, my co worker Ann caught me big time and Henry showed no sign of not stopping f****** me and I gasp as he pulled me tighter onto him as he shot another load into me shoving his c*** pressing tight against my cervix tighter he pulled me onto him and held me tight. Ann wasn't helping me any for she was helping Henry stay in me then she said we got to satisfy him to keep him quiet and I'm so wet I gotta have some of his c*** so it's my turn and we traded places and Ann began f****** him fast and then Henry started in saying slow down I'm on fire laughing as he held onto Ann's t*** and I came out of the bathroom just as Ann let out a squeal and I knew she had her first of many o******. I wish Ann had removed her dress so I could see more but no matter I was getting aroused all over again.



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  • I had a surgery at 17 and the candy striper helped me get washed up the night before. After the shower she massaged my back and neck. she did my legs and I got an erection. She ask if I would make that go down, I told her i would not m********* in front of her. She ask if I would be upset if she did it for me? Told he that would be nice.
    With the baby magic she covered the head, she masturbated me while I ran my hand under her dress and fingered her. Played with her breast. She had an o***** just about the same time I did.
    I think that was not the first time she had done that. She told me she was married. She volunteered to give back.

  • Whats a candy striper

  • They gonna read this and get u fired coz u f***** on the job and coz u did not report it as a rape. But its hot.

  • This is one hot ass confession, i hope you get f***** like that more, and your friend ann too

  • And this is a confession ?
    What's a candy striper?

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