Swimming hole

My name is Sam.I was brought up in a small farming community with only about 100 persons all up.One hot summers day we teenage kids where down at the river swimming.there were 4 guys and 3 girls.
When we had finished swimming we were sitting on the river bank smoking some cigarettes and drinking beers that we had taken from our parents. We were just sitting around shooting the breeze.one of the guys Craig was not from the are but from the city and was visiting over the holidays.He thought he was a bit more experienced that us been brought up in the city.Any way he decides to take his swimming shorts off and starts playing with himself.The rest of us just sat there watching him somewhat fascinated that he would do this in front of others.I was sitting on the ground next to him and got a good view of his c***. One of the girls, Kate, push my head into Craig's c*** and everyone laughed. One of the other guy,s said " push Sam's head again" and Kate did but this time holding my head just a little long closer to Craig's c***. Everybody was getting a little more drunk and the air was getting electric. One of the other girls got up and stood next to Kate and held my head and told Craig to wack his c*** on my face. Craig moved closer and was flicking his c*** at me. Someone said make Sam open his mouth. The other girl, Beth said "go on Sam do as he said, and she put her hand around my mouth and pulled down on my chin to open my mouth. The weirdest thing was I did not move, but just stayed there, I was frozen, or inside I wanted to be controlled.
Craig moved forward and pushed his c*** into my mouth, and Beth said " suck it Sam, suck Craig cook, you know you want too" . And I stated to suck , up and down on his shaft. Faster and faster I went with both girls pushing my head, I was nearly chocking and sliliva was running out down my chin , and the Craig came with a huge amount of plum , with him pulling his c*** out of my mouth dripping with Craigs' c** and then him shooting onto my face.
Every body was cheering and laughing.
I was totally embarrassed but also secretively like the erotic experience of the public exhibition. If you liked this true story write to me cj-rr@hotmail.com

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