My wife has left

I'm sad. Depressed. Crying.

My wife left this evening. We had an argument. Another one. She said she was going to sleep the night at someone else's place. She did not leave right away. We hung out some washing. She did some stuff on her computer.

Then she said good night, walked out, got in the car and drove away.

I called her 3 times and she did not answer. Then I sent her a text.

She has been cold toward me for ages. She is not interested in going out or staying in together. No interest in s**. So interest in being intimate.

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  • Man up n****. She been f****** behind your back. Go out and spend come cash and f*** something. It's cheaper then paying for a therapist. You will be fine. I hate cold hearted b******.

  • I divorced my wife for being disloyal with another man, spending too much money , curing my family and making fun of a little girl with an overbite and her polio crippled father.

    If you can no longer trust your wife and if she no longer seems to love you then divorce her. Its not going to get any better.

  • The "Be a man" thing is easier said than done. Easy when you are feeling good. Confident. In control. Right now feeling down and that makes the "Be a man" thing hard.

    I think I might have a look at the credit card as was suggested although I doubt that will show anything. If she is having an affair then I bet the man is paying.

  • I'm sorry to add to your misery, but I seriously think you have to consider the possibility that she's been cheating on you . . . "for ages", which is the period of time during which she's seemed cold toward you. Does it seem to you that the fights the two of you have had have all been started by her? Have her comings and going at home been on a different time schedule than they had been previous to the onset of the "Cold War"? My guess is that she's been off doing what they used to call "gallivanting". And that she desperately wants you to feel responsible for that and for the growing distance between you, and thus, to feel guilty. Hire a P.I. (you'll have to spend a few bucks, but it'll be worth it), and find out (a) what she's BEEN doing [credit card receipts, checkbook registers, etc.], AND what she's doing NOW. But whatever you do, DO NOT allow her to lay it all on you. You don't deserve it, but especially so if she's been unfaithful. Best wishes.

  • Get i grip of your self, you said this been going on for some time now, well it can go both ways. Do you actually need her for support or any other living situation you are in? If not get your self together and make good use of the time she is not around, put you self together get new clothes get
    Very nice cologne as go out on dates or what ever else comes your way, go out and have as much fun as you can as possible, being sad and depressed will only affect you. The best thing once she sees you looking totally in control and not sad and depressed over her, she would want to know who you seeing or what happen and will want to come back for some fun as well, you should keep it simple, if she wants s** f*** her the best way you can, even so something different she will want more of you and want to know where are you getting this new you from and who influencing you, be a man a christ sake.

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