My girlfriend sissified me.

My girlfriend sissified me.

I always thought it was a turn on to have another person s**** my girlfriends. I liked it more if I was allowed to watch. I encouraged every girl I dated to do this and most of them in time would do it. When I met Wendy she did as I wished but also thought I should do something in return for her. I told her what ever it was she wanted me to do I would at the very least try it.

One evening when we where talking about our sexual fanatics, Wendy told me she liked the thought of having s** with another girl. We also talked about our likes and dislikes, she asked how I would feel about cross dressing for her. Then she would pretend I was a girl and have s** with me. I told her I would try it just for her since she had been having s** with others upon my requests. Wendy also dressed in very reveling clothes at all times like I asked her to do. Cross dressing would have been the farthest thing I would have thought of doing but if Wendy wanted it then I was ok trying it.

Now looking back at it all, I should have seen this coming. I do get sexually aroused dressed like a girl and since Wendy knows this she kept me as her girly lover. I now wear frilly things when ever at home since Wendy insists on it. Wendy thought I looked so nice cross dressed that she took a lot of pictures of me and I posed however she asked. Now she has taken full control of our relationship. She threatens to expose me for the c** eating sissy I am. She has me eating my s**** when I am allowed out of my chastity.

The last six months or so Wendy has this latest thing to humiliate me and promote her status over me. That is she brings home her boyfriends and they have s**, rather in front of me or where ever. When they are done I have to clean them both, her boyfriend first then she sits over my face and I clean his s**** from her. I never thought I would be a sissy boy, chastised and eating another mans s**** from my girlfriends p****.

There is no end to this, unless I let her ruin my life for ever. So after some talking with her, I now see that this is what I was truly meant to be in life. I will remain forever a c** eating sissy for her amusement. Wendy has pointed out to me, I am no man and because I have a small p**** no women will ever want me. I was told I am good at what I do, she reminded me that soon I will be passable in public. Wendy reminded me of how hard she has worked to make me passable and how excited I become knowing soon I can be in public openly. Once more I had to agree with her and like all our talks, I agreed that I do like how things have turned out. I do accepted my status among men and I know I am inadequate of being a man. Like Wendy said, I am here to service real men as required. Wendy really likes it when I asked to suck her boyfriends and when I eagerly clean her up after s**. BP.

Jan 29, 2015

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  • Being a sissy salve isnt all that bad, all you have to do is look pretty and do as she wants. Any sissy girly girl would live to have a chance to ba slave as you have mentioned.

  • My former girlfriend, Janice, sissified me because of my useless clitty. I didn't know she did the same thing to her previous boyfriend until she had me get on all fours, naked, ass arched up, and felt the sissies d***, much bigger than my clitty, start f****** my boi p****. I recall Janice laughing, and bragging to her girlfriends while she shot video, that her two former limp tiny dicked losers she sissified now are only allowed to f*** each other...Chris Suse and Sandy Fem s** life until Janice's evil mind thinks of other humiliating and degrading ways of putting me, Chris Suse, into my proper place...on my knees sucking c***, or getting f***** by her other sissified former 'boy'friend while she watches, records and laughs at what she turned us into...and both sissies thank her for training them into their true purpose in life, and accept that they are better sissies than any attempts at being a man.

  • I just love this!

  • Such a good girl you are, sucking c*** and cleaning c**. It's looks like you are good maid. Maid that love cleaning c*** and p**** after s**. Searching for every last drop of c**. After all girls like you need some c** food to survive, don't you? You need to eat your daily dose of c**, that makes you feel more girly. Your own c** is not enough for you. You need more, much more. Because you are a girl and at some point your c** is not fully man c**. Only real man c** can help you to feel your place where you belongs.

  • With a small cocklit you never really had a chance of being a man did you...Sucking c*** is where some one like your self belongs. You are lucky you found some one who seen that for you and converted you to the little sissy b**** you are. I see you admitted to liking what you have become. You never were a man.

  • I like panties

  • How cool and lucky is this sissy. To have you wife/girlfriend not only be o.k. with your sissy fantasy and insist that he always dress as a girl/sissy. the only thing that could have made this story better, was if she was to have used femdom, some bdsm, cbt, clothes pins and so on to punish him as she should. If I was to find a woman like her my complete submission would be hers forever

  • Yes, I agree. I think she should drag his sissy ass down to a nice degrading gloryhole and make him suck c*** all night, every night for a year. And if he doesn't swallow every single load of c**, add on another year sucking c*** at the gloryhole. Of course never once letting him out of chastity.

  • Ian sissy

  • Your a very lucky girl
    My wife started sissyfieing me two years ago
    I don’t go out any more unless it’s to work or with her
    I’m on hormones so b**** are growing and my body is changing I love the 6weekly full body waxings too
    I also watch her have the most s** live with other guys
    Which is fantastic as I can’t satisfy her with my two inch c***

  • It really is a dream come true to have a wife that likes or wants a sissy hubby. I have been the sissy wife to my girlfriend for years. I wear the dresses and she wears the pants. I serve all here business friends in my pretty dresses and full petticoats. I sashay about the room serving drinks and snacks while they all comment on how cute a sissy I have become. My girls brings home guys and I watch while they have s** and get to cleanup after they are all exhausted and resting. And while my girl is working during the day I get to parade about in the sexist outfits, what a wonderful life a sissy slave is.

  • Lucy girl

  • Another who now knows his place among real men.

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