Punked Out of a fight

I posted this in a previous thread but since no one answered I decided to make my own thread. (sorry if you feel this story is too long)

Last summer (june 2014) I punked out of a fight. I used to be friends with this beta dweeb named Mark. Mark is a moocher who walks around in ****ing shorts and sandals 24/7. (Wants to be driven around from Point A to Point B. Expects you to pay for his **** when you hang out with him. Talks **** to girls about their boyfriend so he can end up with the girl. And basically will talk **** about anyone who doesnt agree with him). He hangs out with this f***** named Javier Hernandez and Travis Copeland.

Travis played football in highschool (now he just lifts) and is 5'10 175 lbs. Travis talks alot of **** just like Mark and was a bit of a bully in highschool. He talked **** to me from time to time but I usually ignored him and hed shut up after 2 minutes when it became clear I wasnt listening to him. I kinda hung out with the 3 after high school but wouldnt call Javier and Travis friends.
Well one night at around 11 Marks truck broke down and he calls me to pick him up. He wanted to stay the night at my house because he had gotten into an argument with his parents. Well this was okay with me at the time. I ask where hes at. He gives me the address and I drive off to get him (I use GPS on my fone). Halfway to my destination I see the truck and think its weird that he gave me a different address but I assume that he flagged down a car and got somewhere else. I pass a lake when I realize that there a party going on in a mansion. 2 minutes later Im on a dark road I pass some railroad tracks and then I go into a county road.

About 2 minutes into the county road Mark calls me. I tell him Im on the county road and will be at the destination in a few minutes. My GPS signal is interrupted because of his call. As I try to tell him to give me a minute he suddenly screams at me "Hurry up! Just hurry up!". I tell him "You ruined my GPS just give me a minute". For some reason this aggravates him even more "What is your problem? Im telling you to get here now!" he starts yelling some more **** and I just hang up, attempting to fix my GPS signal. About 40 seconds later I see some blue headlights that I instantly recognize as Javiers truck. I get closer and Mark gets out of the back door. Its pretty obvious the 3 are drunk. He starts saying "You dont ****ing hang up on me like that." I tell him "You interrepted the signal. I was just asking you to give me a minute." "H*** naw. Thats some ****ed up ****." he says. Then Travis starts to yell too "Whyd your ass hang up on your own buddy like that?" I try explaining to him "My signal got lost. I just needed a minute." "Dont give me that bull****. Im not buyin it." He says. "It aint bull****. It the damn truth." Then he get out of the back door and starts walkin toward my car "Im gonna teach you a lesson!" he roars. I just drive off. And argue the whole way home with Mark about what happened. I kick him out of my house the next day. Never hung out with those 3 since.

I felt like a complete loser for not fighting Travis. But then again hes buff and taller than me. Ive decided to start lifting myself so **** like this doesnt happen again. Ive been lifting for a while now but made little progress (I weigh 134 lbs). However due to a tight schedule I now only have 2 days of working out. Will 2 days still give me good progress?

No but seriously, I want to beat the sh*t out of Travis.


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  • If you get into an altercation, you need to know where to target your strikes. Having physical strength and speed is good, but you need to know what your doing! With headshots, aim for just behind the jaw. With bodyshots, aim for the kidneys and floating ribs.

  • If a bigger or stronger guy challenges a smaller or weaker guy to a fight the stronger guy is the bigger coward. I once saw a guy pick a fihgt like that and the weaker boys big brother showed up. The challenger ran and got into his car rolled up the windows and locked the doors. Who was the biggest chickenshit?

  • Fighting is rarely, if ever worth it. Between possible injury and legal ramifications, a single fight can ruin lives. Frankly, you're a small guy, and while working out WILL help you gain muscle and definition,it's likely not going to make you a physical match for a guy who outweighs you by 40 pounds. Your best bet is to not fight, and if you're forced to, fight dirty. Go for the knees, go for the eyes, go for the throat and the b****. Fights aren't about winning or losing, or about who's toughest, they're about survival. There is only one rule: Do more damage than you take.

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