I regret my WHOLE highs chool experience

Im a highschool senior now and when i sit alone and remember my highschool experience i get scared thinking im gonna regret it when i graduate. People say that these four years are supposed to be the best four years of my life... but they werent, i didnt work to my potential, i slacked and didnt get good grades, i bombed the SATs, i got into a fight and lost a nearly $65,000 scholarship... I didnt apply to any schools because i felt like i wouldnt get accepted. I did enlist for the Navy, but i wish i wouldve applied myself because now that im failing 3 classes and im ineligible, all i can think of is why did i mess up soo bad. I dont think ill be able to bring up my grades in time for the few remaining swim meets of the season and ive been swimming for a long time.. This is my last Highschool season and im missing it because i suck at being a academic student. I dont want to be stressed out anymore but i put myself in these situations and i hate myself for that. I dont want to regret these years and i feel like if i dont get my grades up then im gonna miss swimming senior night and i will end up regretting. I just hope everything works out and i dont f*** up anymore. I just want these next few months to pass by and let me hurry up and start my time in the navy...


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  • I had such a bad experience in school that I ended up becoming a teacher as my second career in order to have another go at it. And make no mistake - the teachers are just as dramatic and cliquey (not to mention h****) as the students at most high schools. It is very much a career for people who never quite matured beyond the high school level, and I love every minute of it.

  • Don't sweat it, high school sucks for a lot of folks. Nearly everyone has times where they need to "burn a couple of months" until that next gig starts. Just gotta keep some hobbies, do productive s***, and avoid negativity.

    I joined the Coast Guard myself, and later when I did go to college i used the GI bill and paid for it all, event my rent expenses.

  • High school sucked for me too but I'm 32 and happier and more successful than most people my age who are stuck in a job they hate, married to someone they can't stand with kids they had way too soon.

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