After reading at least 3/4ths of all

After reading at least 3/4ths of all the confessions on this site...

It has finally made me completely lose faith in humanity. If the things that go on, as are made evident by this site, do go on, and people do the things that they say they do, our entire species is doomed. We are going to all die horrible, horrible deaths. There is no hope for the human race. This is the end. This site is the oracle of armageddon.

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  • My biggest problem is the lack of respect and understanding that the sub-25 year olds show each other on this site. I have not lost my hope in the human race just in the future of humanity.
    My biggest problem is the lack of respect and understanding that the sub-25 year olds show each other on this site. I have not lost my hope in the human race just in the future of humanity.

  • lol, I'm teh postar n I fink ur all rly funny

    specially dat last guy, and he was rly insiteful n stuff but he ruined it by bringing god up cuz im a nihilist but its ok i guess

    u c i put alot of thot into dis sort of thign n i think wether or not ne1 ends up happi in teh end, tjhings will work demselves out cuz dey have to and when we do all die due to how stupid and vile our raece iz, den we won't rly care cuz we'll be ded

    thx for teh commentsz tho

    - Mr Jack Raleigh Ohzis the 2nd

  • This is a great adult discussion. Finally!

    I can't stand the talk about all the incest and sexual urges that people want to act on or have acted on, and all the other garbage. If you read this kind of stuff long enough, it does make you lose faith in humanity.

    But I think your "average" adult is well, average. We generally try to be a productive worker but we have times when we're lazy and just want to relax. We generally try to be faithful to our spouses, but there are times when we argue and wish we'd never been married. We try to be patient and nice people but sometimes we just lose it and feel violent and murderous even. We try to understand and embrace our sexuality but sometimes we feel like humping anything that moves. All in all, I think we're all average people. Some people on this site take it over the top however.

    But look at us when we're above average! These are stories from my own life: a woman trips in a supermarket parking lot, and me and 3 other random strangers come and see if she's OK. A car gets stuck in the winter snow, and me and a mailman go and help the lady get unstuck. A small child wanders aimlessly in a shopping mall, and me and other parents go and help the child find his parents. I give money to charity. I pray for the government and random strangers in addition to my family and friends. I'm certainly not perfect, but I represent an average person who occasionally acts better.

    Also look at the non-profit organizations out there running food banks, addiction recovery centers, and safety houses for battered women and ex-prostitutes, etc.

    There's a lot of good in this world in addition to the "wretched hive of scum and villainy" we see. As I've heard it put, we live "in a beautiful ugly world". Just keep an eye out for the beautiful. It's there! :)

    Having said all that, I'm a Christian, and I believe the Bible teaches that human civilization is going to get worse, as it follows its own desires and wisdom, ignoring God and His holy commands. And God will judge us individually, and that is certainly to be feared, but if we believe in Jesus Christ, we will be forgiven, and can look forward to living a happy life with the Lord in heaven.

    I know, I rambled, but I really wish you'd all consider who the Christian God is.

  • One of the reasons that I'm able to read this site is because I do feel that the world will be okay and everything will work itself out in time. Everyone has their problems, including myself, and I come here to remind myself that I'm not alone... as do a lot of people. Troubled people are out there actally LOOKING for this site. If everyone in the world were forced to write things here you'd definitely see more than just sad or angry posts. The world will be okay, I promise.

  • WOW...the "Oracle"...cooool...

  • I think its just a place most people come to vent and should not be used as a guide for the fate of humanity. I think some people who have posted here have very good things to say, but as the person above me said, a lotta kids come here to just say things to get a reaction.

  • My biggest problem is the lack of respect and understanding that the sub-25 year olds show each other on this site. I have not lost my hope in the human race just in the future of humanity.

  • I agree with the poster. Maybe not everybody in the world is on this site but I've been on other sites and talked to people in person and aside from all the "fantasies of sleeping with a close female relative" most of the things on this site are very common. People just don't discuss them. I think the poster is right the Human race is doooooomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This board enforces my faith of humanity. There is some sincere empathy and support on here. Go to a *chan board and THEN you see the vile underbelly of the internet, as well as its brilliance. some of the posts are pure out and out fantasy. The posters love the attention they get and troll over and over to get more.

    I come here to usually give advice rather than spout my view. I like this confession site as it seems more mature than some others I've checked out.

    I'm going to use the oracle of armageddon line a lot more, so thanks!

  • Remeber not everyone in the entire world are freaks like us. You have to give us credit for all our honesty.

  • Haha yeah it does give one pause doesn't it? At the risk of including myself I'd have to guess that the more sane, productive percentages of our population don't spend much time on sites like these. Only bored people like us who have to get our gripes and worries out of our systems in SOME manner and can't afford a $100/hour shrink.

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