Why is it that people feel they must go out of their way to hurt others, whether it is physical or emotional? Don't they realize that all the mean and evil things they are doing will stay with for the rest of their lives? I mean I know that I remember all of the things that I did wrong better than the things I did right and I can honestly say that all of those things leave a bitter taste in my mouth every time my thoughts touch on them. That taste is horrible and makes me not want to do anything that is hurtful to another, so I just don't understand how anyone can take that and keep doing all the bad that they are.
I must say that helping someone is much more heart warming than hurting someone. I mean I might not remember all of the things I have done or said to make someone feel good but I do remember the smiles, and the way I felt was like everything was good in the world and the fact that someone saw me in a good light made it easier for me to smile and find joy in the little things around me.
You can come out and call me all of the names this post is probably gonna get, but I still think it is senseless and horrible to treat others in a way that is purposefully hurtful, and that's just the way I feel.

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  • Hurt people, hurt people. Both of my parents have at one point or another called me a selfish heartless a******. However I blame them for always fighting and leaving me home alone to entertain myself. So sorry I don't have the normal loving bond, it just never kicked in. However I don't plan on having any relationships because I know I'm an a******. I work on it though..

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