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After many years of indecision I finally discovered I was an atheist. I mean a book like the bible which includes stories of talking snakes and jackasses no longer held my interest. I Don't believe in fairy tales bible or not.

Then I needed something to take the place of organized religion and I found fullfilment in the FFRF.

If you don't believe in God you aren't alone. Join us. We're on the internet.

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  • I'm also atheist. Just want to say that people don't take kindly to opinions being shoved down their throat. Just as you won't believe in bible stories no matter how much anyone tries to make you, if you scream at people about how much their god sucks and how obvious the bible is fake and stuff, all you'll do is offend people. So. Just take that as you will, if you're out to convert people, don't expect much except vitriol. Honey vs vinegar, flies, and all that.

  • OK so you don't believe in God. That's your right. I am amazed that people put so much effort into telling other what not to believe. Seems pretty empty to me. I can understand religious people trying to convert others. In a way its like a sports fan trying to get you excited about their sport. But to spend time and effort trying to convince someone not to believe in God. It would be like me trying to convince you not to go watch football or not to watch base ball. Like who cares what you don't do. Otherwise I guess what you have is your very own religion.

  • It's funny how atheists hate religion until it comes time to finding a good lawyer.

  • Why should I give a f*** about your "foundation"?

    Gay marriage is slowly becoming legal across the US, Pope Francis is cracking down on Church corruption, and we landed on a f****** comet.

    All you guys do is b**** and b**** while the rest of the world does all the f****** work. You've contributed nothing to humanity but complaints and lawsuits.

    f*** you, you smug f****** t***!

  • Atheism is a religion. You're not free from religion.

  • Sorry, but could you explain how exactly? I could see calling it a belief - belief that there are no gods - but a religion with rules and customs? How so?

  • More in terms of semantics, atheism doesn't have rituals, unless you consider going to court one. The fundamentalism that some atheists have regarding religion does create a belief system which is almost as bad as religion itself.

  • I got on of those free bible and burned it god the fire was bright

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