God doesn't exist

I don't believe in God because we can't see him or because we don't know for sure what happens when we die, I don't believe in him because it's like believing in folklore. The stories in the Bible are stories that have been passed down from generation to generation, adding new details and elements to either teach us a lesson or to entertain. We don't know what's the truth. For all we know the bible could've been written by a bunch of mentally ill people who believe they saw angels and heard animals talk. There's no actually evidence of God and heaven and angels besides story and it's in human nature to lie.

Sep 16, 2020

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  • The question of the existence of "God" is very important. Yet many are quite content to believe that He doesn't exist based on what little direct information they have. I have yet to meet anyone who seeks his own answer

  • You obviously have never felt the loving presence of God.

  • God do exist. Please shut up, you dumb billy goat. You gay idiots are killing me

  • Wow, what a loving and non-judgmental Christian you are. And so articulate as well, with such excellent grammar!! xD

  • I often wonder why many humans do have this spiritual side that manifests as a belief in a higher power. What does bring us together.

    I am one of them btw. I believe in God and I go to church. But I can not prove God exists. I do cringe when christians do try to pretend to be scientific and somehow run an argument that proports to prove God exists. I think one of the sad things about the American school system is the way the vocal minorities have managed to get religion and spirituality out of the public schools. A side effect is the more extreme or fundamentalist christians try to dress it up as science. You know the so called intelligent design mob.

  • When you write: "minorities have managed to get religion and spirituality out of the public schools. ", what religion should be taught in public schools? Most people want only theirs taught. Why can't religion be taught in Sunday school or the equivalent in temples, mosques, etc?

  • I agree that most people only want their particular religion taught. So in my view, the decision of what to teach needs to be done by others. Personally, even though I am a Christian, I would prefer that the feds would have a bit of every religion taught. Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc etc and atheism. If you leave it to the school, then we will end up with religious based public schools because whatever is the local majority will set the agenda.

  • The trouble with most religions is no tolerance for other opinions. Such small minds. Anyone who can point to a vast crowd and tell them they're each and everyone wrong, how arrogant. I have started and stopped this more times than I care to admit. I really tried. Sandy Hook was the last straw for me. However there are some good moral values taught church. But you have to sift through the rhetoric and BS. Some people aren't so good at that. Live by the golden rule, you will be fine. A former WASP, 60+ man at peace with himself and the world. Luck and happyness to all.

  • I agree. There are many in each religion who are so fixated that their way is the only way. Seems they feel they are more godly than God herself

  • You must be white

  • White people are evil animals

  • Go melt somewhere, snowflake

  • God does exists and we are his f****** playmates thats the reason our memories are erased every new form/life we take

  • You haven't been doing your research. Research Near-Death Experiences on YouTube. Millions of people have died and because of modern medicine techniques, they have come back from the other side and have reported what they experienced. Make Dr. Eben Alexander your first video. Look for is one hour video at IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies). He is a Neurosurgeon who had one. Brain was dead for quite a while, forgot how long.

    If you don't look at these, you really aren't looking for the truth.

  • God help us all if you genuinely believe that!
    I don't rely upon 'belief', I rely on 'factual knowledge'. Believing in something is the same as guessing about something for which you simply have no factual knowledge.
    Come on guys, we live in the 21st century, not the dark ages. Kick your guesswork into touch and try reading up on facts about the real world. Now that is true enlightenment!

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