I have a weird philosophy, maybe.... I

I have a weird philosophy, maybe.... I am 37, married, and the only reason I stay with my wife....I am afraid of a costly divorce. She was my first, and ONLY real girlfriend.NEVER had s** with anyone else (SAD, I KNOW)..... I made a mistake, I think. We're not compatible, sexually, that is... She can give me s** 1 time a week, if that, but I desire it at least twice per week, but really prefer about every other day, even at my age.....I have two kids, ages 13 and 8. There's a real reason I don't want to split. Fact is, if I KNEW I could find someone interested in LOVING me for ME, I'd probably go for it.. Unfortunately, because of my inexperience at dating or having relations with other women, I am not as confident... and therefore, scared. (I know, how pathetic...)... Fact is, while I am strong, I strongly desire a woman in my life,, she provides balance, whoever she may be. I like her affection, kissing and desire...... While I am VERY strong, I am yet so WEAK.....I am dependant upon female relationships, they complete me, keeping me centered........Without the female relationship, I feel as though I"d fall apart. Because of my personality, I need that for balance.. yet, the woman currently in my life is not working for ME.......I am in a predictament, and I DO have alot to lose... I am very succesful, earn a lot of $ and could end up paying more than I should if I divorce.... I almost feel like I should find the woman of my dreams and give all to her.... and still not divorce my wife..... what woman would deal with that I wonder.... I am stuck i guess........Guess life just sucks then, and then I die....... I should have thought about this 16 years ago when I said, "I do"..... I settled when I should have had more confidence to be selective... selective enough to at least find a woman with the sexual passion I possess...... What in the h*** can I do, if anything.?.... I do have one thing though, BIcardi 151, never lets me down....:)) I am going to bed now, ALONE. I will dream tonight about someone who will love me, is beautful, and seductive..... CHEERS! to all women out there:) I love U....


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  • it's understandable, your not weak, but you might be better off without her

  • Hey, good luck, okay? I hope things get better for you. <3

  • P.S you should tell your wife maybe she feels the same and I'm sure she would want to be happy with someone else if you set her free. Don't worry you'll have plenty of time to make up for what you loose in your divorce. Hope you meet the girl of your dreams.

  • I have a story similar to yours, accept I am a married woman who met a wonderful married man. No ones ever made me feel so good and alive. We havn't had s** but all the passion is there. I am married too yet often abused. I have nothing in common with my husband we are both the same age but have no intellectual link. The married guy is sveral years older, but he is successful in good shape and a perfect gentleman. I am leaving my husband since the abuse is too hard too handle. I often wonder how this new man in my life feels about me. I'm afraid since like you he has so much to loose financially, I will end up getting hurt and loosing him. I'm shocked I even admitted how scared I am, that's how good he is. Even though we havn't had s** yet, we met 6 months ago, the intesity is building so much I know it will be awsome. Should I suck his d*** before I f*** him?

  • It's never good to die unsatisfied and look upon your life with regret.
    Maybe you should talk to your wife about this and she might understand & give you a chance to go out.
    As for confidence, a good smile [and hygiene of course] is all you really need to draw women in.
    Trial and Error is, after all, a proven method.

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