I' in love with a married woman

I know this woman since she was 16 years old, she's 55 now. We were very close friends growing up. She knew I wanted her in a relationship with me, she didn't want that. She would try to help me get laid with some of her friends and even gave me s** one night when she was broken hearted over her boyfriend dumping her. She set me up with a friend who I later married and divorced 8 years ago. We never lost contact and she's not doing very well in her marriage. She suffered serious deception causing the loss of her home because her husband hid the fact he lost his job and could not pay the bills, he just let everything go. She was enraged, she said she won't have s** with him and she can't trust him. We see each other more and more these days. Being I know she is very sexual I asked her to have s** with me since neither one of us are getting s** these days. She said she wants to but not at this time, she said she may divorce and would prefer to wait and see and she's not ready to let any man touch her. My feelings for her get deeper everytime I see her, I want her in my life as my girl, all mine. I want her to divorce the guy, she could have done much better than him, she was so beautiful guys were falling all over themselves when she walked by. She's still very attractive for a woman her age, a little heavier but still really good looking. We did so many things together growing up as friends. She's an outdoor type who came with me camping,hiking ,shooting, boating and fishing. We had a lot of great times together. She recently brought up the day long before she married,we went camping and she snuck out of her tent leaving her boyfriend and slept with me in my tent, there was no s**. She cuddled up with me, said she felt safe with me and fell asleep. I know that caused a major problem in that relationship because he was angry at me and very jealous of me, she told him she'd never give up our friendship when he told her to and she dumped him. I know she does love me deep down. Even though she's married we go out for a few drinks or a dinner once in a while. She'll walk with me hand in hand. I'm frustrated with her as much as I know how in love I am with her. She deserves better than some sneak who lost everything they had. I told her I want her to be all mine. I know she wants to but I'm not sure what's holding her back. Last month we went out to dinner and when she started in about her marriage I stopped her. I said anything I say won't be good for him and I didn't want to influence anything. I then told her I was deeply in love with her and she started crying, she told me she loved me too. I was going to cry too but got a grip of myself, I could not show her that weakness and I just said too much. I am trying to give her some space and haven't called her. She called me to touch base, I said nothing about my love for her or asked about her marriage. She knows where I stand and she has to decide without me what she's going to do about her marriage. I'm not going to want her leaving him and running to me, she'll need time but I think we should stay close friends and let her see I have her back no matter what happens. I think that's the only thing to do at this point, she knows what I want and I don't have to remind her. She will come to me I pray someday soon.

Dec 4, 2016

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  • My ex wife was hot to trot for another guy. Thats why she's my ex.

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