Strange living situation

I live with my dad. Parents divorced years ago and I attend college near his home. I am a 20 yr old sophomore. Dad is 45 and recently remarried.
But... He married a much younger girl. She is only 23 and I will call her Tina for purpose of the story. Strange thing is I really like Tina, we have become best friends.
Well the other night I came home early from a crappy date. All the lights were low and I figured they were in bed early. NOPE! I came in through the garage and into the kitchen. I heard noise in the living room. As I stood in the doorway I got an eye full! Dad was sitting on the couch and Tina was riding him like crazy. Thank god the couch is facing away. All I could see was the back of dad's head and Tina's b**** bouncing up and down. Tina immediately saw me but she didn't say a word, in fact she started riding harder with a huge grin on her face as she looked at me. In a minute dad announced loudly he was c******. They slowed down and kissed. OMG I was so embarrassed. I creeped back to the door entering from the garage, slammed it loudly and said "anyone home". I took my time getting to the living room. Dad was gone and Tina was sitting on the couch in her panties and a t-shirt. Not to mention laughing her ass off.
Since then she has been in "TooMuchInfo" mode. She tells me everything about their s** life now. Never envisioned my dad as a HUNG FREAK! Until now...

Jul 1

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  • I’m willing to bet Tina is hoping to ride you as well

  • I hope Tina makes you some siblings

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