Sleeping with my stepbrother

Okay so I was 14, my mum had been dating this guy who's ex wife had not let him see his son for around 3 years, I met his son once in secret although he didn't know who I was becus his dad hasn't told him he was dating another women so 3 years goes by and I have a neat new family but as it is I haven't met my stepbrother yet because his mum hasn't let him see us, so one day I come home from a trip and suprise a 17 year old fit hot as f*** boy Is sitting in my lounge room and my mother comes around and says oh hi honey meet your new stepbrother , f*** my life why do I always fall for the bad ones, so we hit it off really well infact at this point looking back I'm pretty sure for me it was love at first sight, so he's talking to me on the couch and as teenagers we decide to talk about the really juicy gossipy stuff s**/ relationships, later on we go downstairs to bed and his room is the one attached to mine ( it's more like a storage room ( we didn't know he was gonna be staying with us)) and because we are still talking he comes and sits on my bed, so it's fine all good until we both fall asleep on top of the blankets, my mum then comes down to say gnight to me and do washing and she sees him and tells him to go to bed cus it late so he goes into his room and then just as I was falling asleep he comes back in and says do you wanna finish talking I'm like yeah sure I wasn't tired anyway, so we talk and talk and talk until I say I'm ready to sleep and he says okay but your bed is comfortable and I'm cold so I'm staying here, I'm like okay that's fine I turn to my side and get under the blankets, as I close my eyes he complains that he is cold so I adjust the blankets and say is that better ? No it isn't okay then I shift my legs closer but not touching( to radiate body heat) I ask he's says no again we both laugh and I say well what do you want the another blanket ? He very very smoothly moves his legs so that they graze mine and I in return meet him with my legs we do this and increasingly the body space between us disappears and we are lying so close face to face, at this point in my life I had never even been kissed let alone had S** with someone so from here we start hugging/ weird grinding and I find myself distraught with all this anxiety and happiness that I got this really hot guy in my bed so basically ever since then we have been sleeping together and I'm addicted to being with him, earlier in this 'relationship' he said he loved me right up until he f***** my Bestfriend but now we just do it on the off occasion but he treats me like s*** when there are people around us, I am still in love with him and I can't do anything about it, it's been 2 years !!! I've tried everything and I need help, we need help, btw out parents are married now ( yes I know this is really bad ) keep in mind I haven't known him for as long as our parents dated each other so when we met we were strangers but out parents had been together for about 3 years before hand ( when his mum wouldn't let him see us )

Apr 20, 2016

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  • Being your stepbrother, he's the newest addition to your family so he deserves latitude to a**** his disposition.. Have some empathy for him in this process & be glad with all the loving he provides to you.. No one said he was perfect.. Ever since he made love to you the first time it created a loving bond with you two thus ; it is your duty to keep the bond strong by submitting to him when he needs you for lovemaking.. Believe it or not, you are the closest to him & we know you adore his manly P**** penetrating you so don't fret.. I'm sure you have faults too girl..

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