How do I see myself the way she sees me?

A friend of mine, well, my ex girlfriend, if I'm being honest, recently revealed to me that it still hurts her the way I talk down about myself, self-deprecating jokes, calling myself an a******, focusing too much on personal failings, et cetera; and it was a largely contributing factor to our various breakups. I love this girl,and always will, even though we'll never get back together (which was my choice), and it really gets to me that I ruined what could have been a great relationship with my own self-loathing. Again, I've long since accepted that she and I are over, she's moved on, I've moved on, but I really want to be able to see myself the way she sees me... Maybe,if I can learn to, I might have a chance at having a successful relationship, one day.

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  • Good luck because I feel u

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