Not enough

So I only have 5 inch dîck when I'm hard and one night I was with a girl and we were haveing s** I was going b**** deep into her and after about 15-20 pumps she's says "quit teasing me and go deeper" then I came back with "that's all I have" well she let me finish and I finished her. But that was the most embarrassing thing ever

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  • Yeah. Listen to the guy with the small d*** givjng advice. The blind leading the blind.... Take your medical studies and all the facts you can research and shove it up some girls pu ssy. Maybe then she will be satisfied. I guess a girl never told you about a "full" feeling inside her. Would you want a very small bite of delicious icream on a hot summer day for a decent spoon full.

    Im not polking fun of OP. Just be glad you got some pu ssy and move on. She is not the girl you want to be serious with. She will never be satisfied with you. Im sure other girls will be ok with 5 inches. She has her preference. So move on.

  • If this story is true, and I SERIOUSLY doubt it is, she is brain damaged. If its not you have some real issues and problems. Normal v***** has no pleasure spots beyond 3 inches of the v***** lips. Medical fact. She can only feel pan beyond that depth.

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