Housewife and prostitute

I am a 32 year old mother of 3 and have a loving husband. i also have a job as a prostitute. i do it when my kids have gone to school. i turn two or three tricks every day, monday thru friday. i get 125 to 150 dollars each. sometimes i take less if i am not seeing a lot of clients. i do in-calls only and i love what i am doing. my husband knows i am whoring, but he gets excited about other men having me and loves to hear about my dates. i get my clients thru an escort agency. the client pays them a finder fee, they call me and i call the client. i have had no problems with the men. some are a little weird but that is ok. some just want to talk. some just want to see a naked woman get them selves off. i sometimes do what is called "a girlfriend experience" with men that turn me on. i interact with the man as if i was his girlfriend. that means we kiss and take the time get me turned on enough to have an o*****. that gets me big tips and i don't fake it. men can tell if i do. i must be bad at faking it. i don't recommend prostitution for most wives. you got to feel pretty cool with casual s** with strangers and you got to have a husband that supports what you are doing. my sister who is a college girl paying her way through school working as an escort was the one that got me started. i lost my job due to the economic downturn and it was really hard paying the bills. i live in a smaller city, so there were less job opportunities. i have had men i know in my regular life book me for s** and they were surprised to see me. it was cool though. one guy who had worked with me at my old job was too freaked out the first time to have s** with me, but he can back again and really had a good time. i see him about twice a month. he is not married and i guess he can afford me. i have never had a mean guy or a crazy and hoping i never will. i would love to hear from any other housewives that like to escort or have casual s**. i have done a couple of "hot wife sessions" with men so my husband could watch. he really loved that.


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  • Im soo turned on..and sooo close to doing it..hubby knows.. im already a born s***..whose gonna f*** around a bit.. wanna see how..much..desirable i am! crissynh50pt/chat

  • I tried it to supplement my families income & am so totally hooked on the s** & money that I do not plan on stopping. The variety of s** plus the excitement is such a turn on. So taboo and nasty !

  • I’m a 40 year married childless 62 year old guy in rural area. No s** in years. Cheaper to stay in marriage than end it. How to find this ‘normal’ type woman? A few nearby towns of 1000 to 4000, couple 20,000 within 60 miles.

  • Like you I am pretty much a w**** already. My husband & I are into swinging plus he likes for me to fool around with other men & he especially likes to watch. I have tried on numerous times to get him to let me try out being a escort but he refuses in fear that I might get busted by the law thus resulting in our friends finding out plus they have no idea we are in the life style. I am so turned on by the thought of trying this that I plan on doing it anyway even if my husband does not consent.

  • I started escorting about 4 months ago. It was a money thing, but i was surprised to find out that i really like being a w****. Before I started, I had s** only with my husband for the last five years. I am sure i have had at least a hundred different men since I started. My husband don't like me prostituting, but he does like the money I bring in. I escort almost everyday, now. At first it was only a couple of days a week. I got to really liking it and started going out every day. Today, I have turned three dates and maybe will get one more in before I quit for the night. I get a minimum of a hundred. Right now, I have made 450 dollars. All three guys were new clients. I think at least two will be back again. Its all good.

  • O.M.G. I love being a w****. Like you I had only had s** with my husband before I turned my first client. I started in 2008 during the financial crisis after my husband lost his job. The first time out I was petrified but the s** & money were both so good that I became hooked & still work even today. I had no idea what good s** was before my first client. Lol he took me places sexually that I had no idea even existed. I was a three hour session of which I had s** in the missionary position as well as cowgirl & reverse cowgirl & doggy style as well as a*** in the doggy position & finishing with my giving him head & swallowing in addition to getting a facial. I keep a s** diary & to date over the past ten years I have now slept with over 1,300 men & love it. I could not & would not ever go back to the way it was before.

  • And how does one become #1302??

  • Hot Connie. How does one become #1301

  • I'm not a prostitute but, my husband lets me f*** around. Yesterday I picked a bloke ip in a pub, after a couple of drinks ee ended up in his van, he removed my top and sucked my nipples, got me to knell and f***** me doggy. Then the van door opened and his brother got in so I sucked his c*** till he c** in my mouth

  • Stop wasting time & make some money !

  • Like you I & my husband entered the lifestyle & began swinging. He as well allowed me to have daytime s** while our child was in school. This turned him on very much by my sharing the experiences with him. A girlfriend of mine who was married & a part time escort introduced me to her madam who wanted to recruit me as a escort. I confided to my husband that I would like to try it since one of my fantasies was to see how it was to go to a strange man's hotel room to have s** with him for money. My husband consented & I turned my first trick with a older man & the s** was good & the money was excellent. Now I turn between 10 to 15 tricks a week at a average of $500 per trick of which my madam gets 40% or $200. That equates out to $3,00 to $4,500 per week for me. I find that being able to have s** & make money for it much more rewarding than just giving it away like I use to do. So my suggestion to you is to stop giving it away & start making money for it as well as being able to enjoy the s**.

  • If a housewife/prostitute mentioned where she lives or left an email contact she might get a lot more business. I'd love to meet you. I don't care for the streetwalker types, but a regular milf yeah!

  • I am happily married with a pretty active s** life. My secret is that I love visiting a prostitute housewife over regular prostitutes anytime. I search for them on CL and am happy to become regular long time customers. I feel they are the most enthusiastic about their jobs and actually enjoy it way more. My first was an unlicensed massage girl with happy endings. I was eventually allowed to do anything I wanted to her and we had s** on her bed. She eventually got caught by an undercover so it ended. I recently moved to a new city and found a married mom doing it for the first time. Now I am an exclusive client with her only prostituting for me every week or two. I love it. We have s** while her son is in daycare! Her husband doesn't have s** with her anymore. I love it. Win win.

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