My wife acted like she was still in college

I am going out of mind with rage. My wife of a decade went with the girls from her sorority pledge class to celebrate their turning 35 back to their college town.
What she told me was they had dinner and hit a few bars then they went back to their hotel. But, one of her friend's husbands told me yesterday on a ski lift was that more went on - A LOT MORE.
He said at least three of them went back to a Frat House and didn't make it back to the hotel until lunch. At a SuperBowl party with some of her college friends there was a lot of comments directed to my wife about "glory days" and jokes after an interception about "the walk of shame."

We have had problems lately and the stress of career and two kids.

I feel like an idiot and a chump. I know my wife spent the night with some college kid and now I'm the jerkoff loser husband.

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  • I don’t call bs at all. The same thing happened to my wife last spring and I told her go all out and have fun. I personally got turned on at college boys hitting on her and honestly didn’t know where it would go. She accepted the offer to have no restrictions but only Bc I insisted. I didn’t want her to cheat, but I also got turned on by the thought of everything.

    She didn’t admit to anything at first and it took about a month before I found out that her and her best friend got banged at a lacrosse players house in the same room.
    It was a shocker but opened us up to new things going forward


    There's another confession on here, supposedly written by some giggly thing that "got crazy on a ski lift". I think it was the same author as OP here, who is a lonely, middle-aged, low-IQ person with too much time on their hands.

  • It is clear that you have problems with stress, family, and perhaps deep trust issues.

    Time to go into couples counseling, my friend. . . .

  • Women have bugs in the head when age and kids hit. Some do not take it so well. Some try to relive their youth. Just like some men do.
    What she does will not make you a chump, and you do have kids. Do not let your ego damage the family and life you have. She may have to forgive you some day, when your mind snaps.
    Unless she brought home a disease, is pregnant. you are fine. I know that statement is hard to take, but you are fine. think of your children and get past this

  • What I think is not popular here. What your wife did was a huge violation of your trust. I recommend you post your story on reddit relationships and ask for advice there. You will get lots of advice.

  • Every relationship has problems, and every person has stress but it doesn't give a person a free pass or excuse for a weekend to do whatever..unless you guys have an open relationship. But that doesn't seem like the case. But all the information you have been receiving has been from everyone, but your wife. If you have asked her and told her what you have heard and she says that nothing happened, then you have to believe her. If you continue to press because you think otherwise, you'll reach a breaking point where you won't accept her answer and no longer will trust her. She'll be mad/hurt that you don't believe her..and where will you end up? Divorced? If she did cheat and she is honest with can only decide what you'll do when you're actually faced with that information. But your relationship needs help regardless. If it's worth it, then you two can work through this.But you need to talk with her.

  • Give her a little room to breathe. She clearly doesn't see a future any different than the one she saw before, and she came home. You aren't an idiot or a loser. Let her have some fun.

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