im 15 now. im positive im going to die

im 15 now.
im positive im going to die at a young age.

i just know it.

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  • live fast die young leave a nice corpse

  • So live it up sweety.
    I know I won't live long, at the rate I party, and live in general, I won't make to 30 I know.

  • Yeah, Yeah, we all are!

  • I think all of you are suffering from a condition called, "wishful thinking"!

  • L**** at the above comment!!!! WTF???

  • When I was 4 I felt I will die before I'm 7. I died when I was 8.

  • You probably will

  • anyways. ive had dreams bout it for the longest time. dying in a hospital bed. im not afraid either. its just whenever i tell people they think im crazy or suicidal or somethin. idk

  • at 15 I was working and not thinking bullshit like you idiots!get a job and bang a gf than see if you want to die you stupid bastards!

  • At a young age I will die of being hit by a car.
    I feel it.
    I am almost positive.
    But I don't care.
    I am not afraid of dying at all.
    Truthfully the thought of me dying seems sort of exciting.

  • I am 16 and I believe more than anything that I will die while scuba diving at the age of 17 this December. And I won't stop it.

    I believe this because I've been having dreams about it since I was little, and I just know it.

    That's why we should enjoy the time we think we have left :)

  • Don't go scuba diving then! Simple

  • When I was 15 I never thought I'd make it past 20. When I was 20, I figured 30 was the max. It seems like the key has been to not sweat the small s***, and figure nothing's going to last anyway. It makes life a lot less stressful and it's hard to believe how many things just work themselves out. I'm not saying I don't care at ALL about anything, but taking an easy approach to life has made everything a lot more enjoyable.

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