You can call it what you want. I've

You can call it what you want. I've never been poor. I never will be. I have wealth of mind, body and spirit. You cling to what you see right in front of you because you think that's all there is. And for you, that's all there ever will be. That's why you cling to it. that's why you resist change- even if it's going to take you somewhere great. You won't even try to look beyond yourself.

If you say you're poor, you will be because that's all you'll ever look for- even if opportunity shakes it's tailfeathers right in your face.

You have to KNOW even in the off times-nothing changes. You're still a millionaire. It's the MIND that matters most- because THOUGHTS start with what YOU CHOOSE TO DWELL ON- and those thoughts lead to words-- which later become actions. ACTIONS become HABITS. Habits become your character. Your character is what people remember you by- your legacy, your destiny.

And for the record- ANYONE can be an ASS. It's not hard. The challenge is in learning to be your BEST SELF. THAT'S what we admire in people. The ones that DO things that SEEM difficult. YOU choose whether or not you will be your best. If you CHOOSE to act at your lowest denominator you WILL reap what you sow. So, in essence, STOP expecting full time benefits on half assed part time works.

And for those of us who DO choose to be our best, don't throw roks at us just because we're choosing to do what you've chosen not to. You have every right and ability to do the same- you just don't.

But the choice I made is why I'm rich- inside AND out.

Reprogram your brain. You are everything you need to succeed. And let that success be your own- not someone else's. You don't have to have some fancy title or car or anything else to be a success.

Choose poorly, choose wisely. Either way, there will be no one to blame but you.

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