Massage Toxic,

Why we broke Up??? When start?End Without.
Years ago little problem going to be virus for long fight without see each other till End Dizzy.
I don't know when really start, And How end like this ways? I have to walk out from that place even I still love want to be there.
.Reallity life Love. Honestly.Care, Clean,Driver, Interesting, Trying to be nice, Not ** another man. Keep speac, give pravite, freedom, Can't ask for any. How much care of them that , how much try to understand what they need
Is not mean we are good, They said Only that is not enough''. What it will enough for need ?
In any relationship when they're have couple have problems.
What they choose do?
Walk away then break up ?
Walk aways to get another girls ?
Or just walk away for treat keep feeling to clam down and come back to fix talk,
They're will walk away even not see each other? Really This is the people they choose do it this ways ?
This just normal matter people do for. I understanding what is the first things they thinking walk away and not come back to fix? People choose this ways to solve ? .It like never been together. Have problems but not even agree to see each other for help each other to fix problem. But why move far each other.And leave the word "Why have to see" That is the good choice to End ? I move far for keep treat myself. I was angry you was angry.we are on the hard time. One day I walk out to be safe myself not walk out for find another. One day I trying to meet them . Try more fix but Get more hard. When try more to talk nice more talk that mean more fight. Not any on the good ways good choice. Problem start not long During show up in socials how is going,How enjoyed,How end feeling,How not care, How nice time they enjoy with other..Seriously I the one start to break up ? But all is opposite act when they not want to fix.So I trying to make more harder. One day I choose to tell people I have another man and I will move out of this areas.My friends trying to put up my stories made a stories to get to his ears want him Jealous and I have to show that I'am not care if him can have another.So I have another, Who going to be WIN, l never thought we're will break up and be far always like now.Present we are going to be another people Who don't know each other. After have problems they are never see each other again.Why they not want to meet each other Or they are not have any feeling with each other OR never Have feeling ? What are you thinking about this ? Have any ideas? ++__++

Until now His only one I want to be on bed to play with.

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