Why Judge People on a Confession Post?

Yes we are the ones with issues in our relationships
Yes we are living a life as two people
Yes we are having affairs and having s** with people other than our spouse
but Why?
Why must you choose to get on a confession post and judge someone for doing things that the rest of society doesn't agree with? or label them all these negative labels?
Why must you choose to shame someone for living life? No, their not going to be morally or even mentally perfect but damn it, its their life ..
When it comes to marital life not everybody is going to be these morally perfect people its unrealistic .. some play the game for kicks, excitement, and thrills .. the reason most wont divorce becuz nobody wants to go thru legal battles, or they can't afford separation, or child support & alimony will have them living under a bridge. .. the family court system is bullshit!! so yeah we act up but seriously, who tf are any of you to judge?

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  • Are you another one of those emotionally fragile incels who can't handle not getting applause for posting dumb story after dumb story?

    Or are you just a normal, psychotic high school girl?

    Only people with feeble egos post so-called confessions that cry like a b**** about all the meanies on here.

    Either toughen up or go open a vein.

  • I get judged all the time for relating uncomfortable and uncommon truths. Not that I'm the only one by any means, but it's interesting how people constantly whine and cry for "honesty" but can't handle it when it's given to them, no matter how kindly.

    Not saying I agree or disagree with OP. Just tired of humans being stupid, that's all.

  • In places like this, "stupid" is just about the only setting!

  • You do realize that in asking this, OP, you yourself are judging others.

  • Why not mother f***** !

  • Shutup tard

  • I confess....I find you to be a mentally whacked out tardmonkey.
    I enjoy you and your ilk as you parade your train wreck of a life in public.

  • I confess......I enjoy judging others.

  • First of all, you are doing exactly what you are b******* about.
    Second, f*** you. People come on here to tell the whole world their problems. Obviously they want people to make fun of them. I'm just helping them out.
    Now go flick your bean, because no man would every b**** about what you just did.

  • So not true

  • Haha, butt hurt.

  • It is just what the internet brings out in people. twitter is exactly the same, just a bunch of people who know f****** d*** about a subject putting their two cents in.

  • It happens because people are s***. they're all just s***. not judging. just saying. people are s***. but expecially people who post here are s***. just s***. and that's that.

  • Lol, you said "I'm not judging" and then immediately made a judgement. That would be like me saying "I'm not racist, but I just think that black people are inferior to me" it's total hypocrisy.

  • Why do you think black people are inferior to you?

  • Grow a brain, the commenter didn't say that.

  • Yes you did! Now I'm going to burn a cross in YOUR front yard!

  • You are so ignorant I don't even know where to start. Maybe the assumption on your part that I wrote the original comment. I didn't in case you want to know. Or should I point out that making a reference is different than actually making a statement. Of course you probably have no idea what I'm talking about because english composition it well above your knowledge level. So instead of making stupid comments, how about you just go back to playing your video games and let the real adults handle this one.

  • Excellent points, all.

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