am a married woman who met a wonderful

am a married woman who met a wonderful married man. No one has ever made me feel so good and alive. We haven't had s** but all the passion is there. I am married too, yet often abused. I have nothing in common with my husband we are both the same age but have no intellectual link with him. I met the other guy at a educational seminar we found we had so much in common from the start. The married guy is several years older, but he is successful in good shape and a perfect gentleman. He is a bit shorter but I don't care I'm a tall girl. I am leaving my husband since the abuse is too hard too handle. I often wonder how this new man in my life feels about me.He say's everything about me inside and out is wonderful, he treats me like a queen. I'm afraid since he has so much to loose financially, I will end up getting hurt and loosing him. I'm shocked I even admitted how scared I am, that's how good he is. Even though we haven't had s** yet, we met 6 months ago, the intesity is building so much I know it will be awsome. We will go out again soon, should I suck his d*** before I f*** him?Or should I let him pleasure me first?Good advice needed.

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  • You should definitely suck him off first. And be sure to swallow. It is a real sigh of acceptance when a girl swallows a guys s****. Then have your way with him. But make sure you leave the first relationship before you do any of that. If not then this relationship will end with one of you f****** someone else. Karma has a way of getting you back for being a s***.

  • Good for you sweetie, sounds like a good thing has come out of the situation even if you never wind up having an affair with the married man...

  • ^ Thanks guys, I am leaving my husband and looking for a place this week. Still havn't f***** the Boyfriend but he say's he is not going anywhere fast.

  • Do what you normally like to do. Suck d*** or f***. Think of you now. If you find a younger single guy you may dump the pops

  • If your husband is abusing you leave him - nothing is lower than a cowardly man that beats on a woman. I bet he isn't fighting with other men who can hit him back - what a loser!
    It sounds like you have two separate issues - leave hubby and f*** the boyfriend. I say leave and see if the bf is really serious about you before unzipping his fly. I do like your uninhibited sexuality - it sounds like your stupid hubby will miss you when you are gone! Good luck

  • ^Thanks, he wants to f*** but the married thing is strong on my mind. We have been seeing each other for a while now I am just afraid of so many things.

  • I say suck his d*** first - all guys LOVE that, then grind him real hard. If he dosen't f*** you at least three times real good dump him!

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