Gott, I love him. ;___- Ja, he is

Gott, I love him. ;___-

Ja, he is married. He's waaaay older than me. He probably doesn't like me. No, I know he doesn't like me. It's damn obvious that it's just not there. He doesn't like me the way I like him.

But I do like him. Ja, I know I not only like him but I love him. He's the most beautiful person I have ever met. :<

I cry when I can't see him. We're not even friends...I don't understand why I feel this way. No one has ever made me feel this way before without being so much as friends.

I feel like I can tell him anything, and I have. We're acquaintances, I suppose you could say. I'm pretty sure he will never take me seriously because I have been cursed with youth--OVER RATED, by the way!!!!!!!- >.<

Gott, I hate being young. Will happily trade with anyone.

What should I do? Should I tell him how I feel? *hits herself in the head*

I'm just scared to be rejected, since I'm rejected time and time again.

Besides, how could someone as beautiful, wonderful, intelligent, kind and amazing like him ever like someone as pathetic as me?



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  • ^Yes. And "ja"????????

  • what or who is gott ya weirdo

  • ^ see you knew the answers all along (very smart you are), be thankful you have a good trusting freindship with him. Good freinds are hard to come by in the first place. And if you really loved and cared for him you would not want to interfere with his marriage.

  • Don't give up hope. I thought that way about a man once. This August is our 10 year anniversary. Life ain't perfect, but whose is?

  • Heh, true. Ah well. I always liked to be alone anyway. More time für Kunst und Musik.

    Well, he's kinda shy. : /

    But even still. I don't want to mind-read and assume he likes me [because why would he?] and end up ruining our fantastic friendship. It wouldn't boost my confidence, I'm not that kind of person. I sincerely do like him in a special manner, but I see what your'e saying.


  • Do not tell him, you only want him because it will boost your confidence to get someone in reality you can never have. If the guy was unhappy in his marriage he would have already gone for you.

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