Hello im a 15 year old girl with a

Hello im a 15 year old girl with a confused mind.
I know im bisexual but i don't want to believe it and i know everyone says its just a phase you go through but it super tough on me.
Im a big believer in god, but i know being homosexual is wrong.
i just can't help but like the same s** aswell. Ever since i was little i was a tom boy and and acted like a guy all the time.
it went away for a little while until in grade 7 i started to like my best friend. i kept it to myself for 2 years until garde 8 i had a new best friend and i felt that i should tell her. so i did, when i told her and she told me that she didn't feel the same way and i knew it was coming but i cried non stop thinking what was wrong with me. i was depressed for a month, and that month she got a boyfriend which made me even more jealous. i can't do this. this person that i recently been attracted too is super amazing, she's likes this boy. and i can't stand him now but i've known him for 10 yrs and he's a great friend. i want to tell her, because everytime she hugs me i just fall deeper and deeper, she hugs me like she hugs no one else except the guys she likes. even everyone see's that. but i don't want everyone to find out but i love it when she hugs me. she's leading me on without even knowing it. should i tell her?

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  • A) Your religious beliefs are disturbed. Fundamentalists worship an evil psychotic God, then turn around and say that everything He does (including eternal torture) is good.

    You gotta figure that there is some sort of a God, because, given infinite time, it is inevitable that if God did not already exist, he would emerge from somewhere. Think of it this way - someone, somewhere, is the top dog.

    However, religious beliefs where they try to claim specific characteristics and behaviors of God are just made up BS. If God wanted to tell you how it is, he would be more than capable of doing it in an undeniable fashion.

    B) If you are bi or gay, then you are. Wishing it away won't change anything.

    C) If your friend is not interested, you won't be able to change that. If she rejects you romantically, set that aside and just be a good friend, without ulterior motives.

  • Maybe not unless you can accept a no answer. But on th eothe rhand I would not get to wrapped up in loving others just yet. Same s** feelings are not unusual and though religious doctrine says it is wrong, it is natural in some respects. The difference is if it is nature oir nurture and only honest integrity will reveal which one you fall into.

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